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Airbus A380s Are Back While Boeing Falters On Widebodies

Carriers like Emirates, Qantas and Singapore Airlines are bringing more A380s back in service as travel demand surges, but what are the options? ( Plus d'info...

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Michael Yentzer -7
A380 and the likes of the 747s are like patiences That are terminally ill with an appearance of return to health only to be followed with death. Only thing the Jumbos and Super Jumbos are good for is Freight. Like the Railroads Airlines will eventually go much deeper into Freight and less into passangers as the Business traveler disappears from the flying public. Next on the very soon horizon will be the Mach 1+ passanger aircraft for the high end traveler and the remaining executive business travelers that have to travel to do business. In the mean time any thing larger then the 737 Max and A320s will suffer in sales and maybe go the way of the Jumbos and not even be made. I can see that both Boeing and Airbus building all freight Jumbo size haulers that do not have to go Mach 1+ to meet the future of aircraft. Keep an eye on Spacex and it's Heavy lifter Starship merge into the have to fly business travaler. Spacex Starship will answer the question is 30 to 45 min travel NY to Tokyo or London to Sydney is a business success concept that has Arrived. If that works Boeing will have to move into the super large 50 to 100 passanger Suborbital air/Spacecraft that can turn arround in hours and fly back to its origin. These will likely be powered by Hydrogen and not RP-1 or methane.

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