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Southwest grounds two 737NG due to cracked pickle forks

Pickle forks are supposed to last the life of the plane, and now there's a 5% early failure rate. This is terrible news for Southwest and other carriers that are heavily invested in 737's. (komonews.com) Plus d'info...

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James Simms 16
Someone’s in a pickle over this......
Randy Marco -8
Are you in 2nd grade or 1st grade?
jcisuclones 9
I'm not too familiar with maintenance of aircraft, so I initially thought this was satire and they were referring to eating utensils.
Chris B 7
Betting that the FAA will require much more frequent checks of the PF's even after this initial emergency AD.
Ken Hardy 6
ANY crack is a propagating defect and on a primary wing structure is damn important, it can be the result of several things, improper material, improper heat treat, improper installation. cracks in Aluminum aircraft structure are not unusual but they never heal themselves and the AD was called for.
FedExCargoPilot 4
probably due to excessive loads on landing...
Michael Ragsdale 1
Or braking ; )
El Kabong 3
Mentour Pilot explains the situation. It's not as drastic as you might think.

DGR Rathborne 1
As i am not knowledgeable about Pickle Forks , i just finished watching Mentor Pilot . While it clarifies what is of concern in this AD , i'd like to know how you permanently repair alleged one inch cracks in a very thick slab of a Pickle Fork ? Any thoughts , i'd like to hear from you ........DGR
Robert Preston 4
Im checking my spoons and knives. its just too dangerous to eat pickles with a fork anymore.
Allan Bowman 2
With cracked pickle forks, it is reasonable to assume that the pickles currently up Boeing Managements behinds will be staying put.
Roger Curtiss 2
Wouldn't it be easier to simply stop serving pickles? OK, having written that I will now go and actually read the article to find out that a pickle fork has absolutely nothing to do with gherkins.
Andrew Turnbull 1
"There could be dire results if the pickle fork system on the jet fails in flight."

"Could" be? Is it possible that a pickle fork fails and the result is *not* dire? I don't know aviation, so that's not a sarcastic question. I'm wondering whether the so-called journalist should've used the word "would" instead of "could"?
DGR Rathborne 1
What worries me about the PF failing is this . If one of the 4 involved does " snap " or " cracks " clean through ,will the load transfer cause the 3 others , to potentially fail ? Any ideas ? Please let me know .........DGR
DGR Rathborne 1
Are you aware that on Friday evening , Boeing's CEO and Chairman Mr. Dennis Muilburg , was removed by the Board of Directors . Mr . Muilburg has been asked to stay on in another capacity , overseeing the Max and NG problems . While this was offered , i do not know if he has or will accept the offer .........DGR
Quentin Gaeschlin 1
Does anyone know who produces the pickleforks?
DGR Rathborne 1
Hi Quentin ....I did a Google search and found nothing about who makes them , but a lot on what a PF is . I suppose the Forks are manufactured by a Sub-Contractor who really wants to remain un-known at this time .
Quentin Gaeschlin 1
I bet!
Harry Thomas 1
Hmmmm...I flew SW just under 2 weeks ago. The plane I was to fly in was taken OOS when it arrived at my departing airport. As a result my flight was delayed 3 hours while we waited for another plane to arrive from another state. I wonder if this had anything to do with it?
k2epm 1
Were those pickle forks dill or sour?
Ken Hudson 1
Only a problem in 1st class
Silent Bob -1
So SWA has over 700 NG airplanes, and yet grounding 2 of those 700 is "terrible" news?! Holy misleading headline Batman!
Relics 5
2 planes or 20, yes it’s terrible news.
So what would you call, say, 350 planes then?

50%, wow, that is terrible, horrible, no good, very bad news.
btweston 6
That word is not in the headline, Robin. Go back and sit in the car.
Technically it's not a headline, it's a title. Go back and sit in the car.
silverio califano 0
Airplanes in service have problems all the time. This was obviously caught during inspection, will be submitted to Boeing or private engineering for a fix and will probably fly for many more years.
R T Sands 0
Airplanes break. Thats what pilots, mechanics and lawyers are for. Next crisis please.
alan75035 0
A real dilly.
darjr26 -1
James Willich 4
Something, something, A380 wing spars something, something...
darjr26 2
You’re right, I don’t think Southwest should buy A380’s
James Willich 1
Nobody is.
Andy Cruickshank -1
Nose gear mount/strut?
btweston 4
”A pickle fork is the part that helps attach a plane's fuselage to its wing structure.”

You’ll never guess where I found that information.
Brian Bough 6
Cucumber Digest?
Bill Harris 1
See this for more explanation: https://leehamnews.com/2019/09/30/boeings-737-in-another-pickle/

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