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Things You Don't Know About The First Delta A220 / CSeries

The first Delta A220 that made its maiden flight Saturday October 6 is a "First" in many ways, many that you don't know yet… (www.fliegerfaust.com) Plus d'info...

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MultiComm 5
Yea! They have a 3/2 seating configuration! I was going to really miss the MDs because of this. Really dislike the 3/3 on the smaller A320 and B737s.
Mike Hindson-Evans 3
Looks like a well-planned layout. Wow, spacious toilet facilities - that's a USP which will appeal to some pax! I recall the spacious 2/3 seating layout on the old (much-loved) spacious BAe 146/RJ airliners.

Good luck to Airbus (Canada/Mobile) with their new north-American built airliner.
Mephistopheles 2
Nice Pictures!
Joseph Chan 1
Is it me or does that aisle look incredibly narrow?
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
Not in my section of the plane (just in front of camera)!

Realistically, the width will meet regulations and will provide width for a service cart; have we any comparable metrics on the latest Boeing Max-cattle-truck? (with tongue firmly in cheek!)
Cansojr 1
Mike, did you enjoy a flight in the C Series?

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