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Storms led B737 overrun captain to opt against go-around

Pilots of a Boeing 737-400 lost situational awareness and failed to realise how much runway had passed beneath the aircraft before a late touchdown which resulted in a high-speed overrun at Milan Bergamo. (www.flightglobal.com) Plus d'info...

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Carl Smeraldi 3
Nuttin new more ta come pilots continue to land in severe thunderstorms instead of holding diverting not attempting an approach while thunderstorm is overhead or very near airport. THE BOOK QUOTES DO NOT LAND IN THUNDERSTORM PERIOD THIS IS THE MOST OVERLOOKED SAFETY ISSUE IN THIS BUSINESS THAT NEVER GETS ADDRESSED IN PILOT TRAINING SCHOOLS EVERY RECUrrent EVERY REQUAL OR PC PT AND NEEDS TO BE PERIOD . FROM B747/777/757/L1011 pilot worldwide 25 years .
william baker 3
Sorry they were just suffering from Getthereitis lol. Pilots are goal driven. They are givin and mission and try to finish it. If another plane is able to land the. Of course we can as well. Best thing to do is don’t follow the crowd. Say to yourself am I able to get in safely and soundly or should I go around divert or even go back to where we started.

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