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Boeing's 787 woes stem from giving subs too much design freedom?

Harvard Business Review posting theorizes that 787 problems don't stem just from outsourcing, which Boeing has decades of experience with. They also point the finger at leaving interfaces undefined and modularizing before design was complete, leaving complex design and interface decisions to subs. Imported McDonnell Douglas execs are also singled out for blame. (blogs.hbr.org) Plus d'info...

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Replacing apu's fuel burning on the apron, in the name of the EPA and partially replacing it with current battery technology isn't practical. In flight amp draw for charge is to great.
Roland Dent 0
Thomas Dwyer 5
Outsourcing without having a unified plan is risky indeed. All the glitches are created by niches who all have lawyers.
Pileits 5
Leaving design work and production to outside sources is STILL outsourcing no matter how you slice it.

insufficient oversite of those you trust to build those products for your company is nobody's fault but your own!
Jada Godbee 1
Who was monitoring the sub's ATPs? Quality process? Burn certifications?
Bob Rodgers 1
It appears that Boeing is cutting off its nose to spite its face, or at least its own Engineers by outsourcing something that should have been done in house!

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