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The 19 Most Badass Spy Planes

There is little in the world that can match the simultaneous awesomeness and mystery of a spy plane. These are the paragon of modern innovation, yet largely pass invisible above us. They decide battles and wars, yet only a few lucky soldiers get to see them. ( Plus d'info...

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Aaron Donnelly 4
Plain and simple. The SR71 should have been first!
zennermd 1
I remember seeing it at Oshkosh when I was a kid. She is a beautiful plane. One of the best.
Ricky Scott 2
WTH what a crock.
For one the Air Force EC121 Warning start wasn't even a Spy Plane. Itw as a flying Radar platform. Didnt spy in anything. Two were electronic Jammers, Not Surveillance. Sheesh Did this Author know anything.

Didnt even mention
Navy EC-121M a true Electronics Gathering EC-121

More Electronic Gathering platforms
Ricky Scott 1
Few other notables
Nimrod R1
Tu-142M Bear the true EW version, not the Radar version he talked about
French EW Atlantic
Bill Kelley MD 1
Thank you for rekindling fond memories: most enjoyable to date.
joel wiley 1
Thanx for the entertainment.
But, spyplane? Badass? It may be Amerocentric, but I think only the U2 and SR71 qualify as spyplanes. I wouldn't include tactical recon as 'Spying', otherwise why not any platform with a camera from the RF4 to Snoopy's Sopwith Camel?

SR71 interceptions- 0: U2 interceptions - 1. Sounds like a soccer score.
Pilot78 1

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