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NASA Super Guppy at March AFB

U.S. Air Force members from March ARB, CA, support the arrival of the NASA Super Guppy. ( Plus d'info...

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linbb 3
Saw the on on display in Oregon, its quite crude the way they modified that one. Its long out of service and just a display model now. But the just kind of cut off what they didnt need and added a cover over what was left with some support rods or angles to hold it on. Saw either the one in this vidio or another one which was the first to get trubo props on it at Conroy in Ca years back.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
That thing has got to be a real b**** to handle on the ground, and even worse in the air. Those have got to be some real top-notch pilots.

Also: <-- loading the Super Guppy.

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