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FlightAware Aviation Stats Update: March 1, 2023

"COVID-19 put the brakes on aviation in March 2020. But almost exactly 3 years later, all regions of the world are showing big recoveries. This is especially true in China, where commercial aviation has finally come back to life in the last few weeks, with flight counts off only 15% from 2019 record highs"... ( More...

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darjr26 3
This is great news, let’s enjoy it.
darjr26 2
This is great news, lets enjoy it.
Joe Keifer 3
COVID didn't put the brakes on. Insane governments put the brakes on.
FACT MONGER!!!! These apathetic fools who down voted you simply need to look at a small pinch of history. Or, read some Orwell. Sheeple....

But, now, our staff LOVE the fact that we gave dozens (into the hundreds) of Hot Shot cards to PT's where we would just spray the Vax down the sink. Vindication baby, vindication.


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