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UPS places repeat order with Boeing for 767 freighters

The express carrier is taking its 767 fleet to more than 100 units with its latest order. ( More...

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pilotjag 11
Nice to see larger cargo carriers still ordering the good ol 767! Wonder if FedEx will place a top up order in the near future as well
Torsten Hoff 5
Given that the B767 doesn't meet the recently adopted noise and emissions regulations and production must end in a couple of years, I wouldn't be surprised if there will be a rush of orders from several freight carriers, not just FedEx.

Given the backlog for the type and the time it takes to complete the aircraft before the deadline, time is going to run out if anyone else wants to place a substantial order.
Derek Vaughn 4
Boeing can produce the 767 until at least 2027. The KC-46 will likely be the last frames out of the factory.
Chris B 3
Since when has noise restrictions applied to Military aircraft?

That said, the KC46 hasn't impressed so far and stays alive thanks to Washington lobbying
Michael Dendo 2
It appears, that the predominant issue with the KC-46 is it's main mission; the refueling system. The system itself has leaked and Boeing has had to develop the RVS system for refueling that to date, still doesn't work. With the systems not the airframe, it appears Boeing may have bitten off more than they can chew. After already suffering prior costs for the delays, they now are facing another $835M to correct this mess and the GAO is still telling the Airforce to stop buying the plane until Boeing has a working model with the fixes. Like in the case of prior program issues like the Max and the 787, where was the program management?
Stefan Sobol 1
I know, how 'bout putting a window in the rear of the aircraft so they can see the refueling aircraft?
Michael Dendo 1
That is old technology. They won the competition based upon implementation of RVS technology. Don't think Boeing had ever done that before.
D Kaufman 1
The US Government approved the sale of four KC-46's refueling planes to Israel, yesterday.
With this aircraft being a bread and butter item for Boeing, it makes me wonder if they have a plan. If not, shame on them for not working with someone to meet this need.
D Chambers 1
Ummm, they do have a plan: the 737 single-aisle, and the 787 twin-aisle, with a few elderly 777s thrown in. Oh, yes, and a few quality issues from time to time. Ummm, make that year to year.
Eric Kulisch 2
Yup, get them while you can.
Milton Leppert 4
Unfortunate that Boeing doesn't regroup and bring back it's sister, the 757.
Spencer Hoefer 2
Just curious do these new 767's leave the factory with a retrofitted cockpit? No way they are still putting CRT's in them like the original design, right?
aeroflyer 2
Replaced with newr LDS glass cockpits
aeroflyer 2
Replaced with newer LDS glass cockpits
D Chambers 1
Ah, the good ol' twin-aisle 767. It has 2-3-2 seating in ordinary class, I seem to remember(?). That reduced the chance of a middle seat considerably. Of course, these are freighters.


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