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Travelers enjoy airport face mask rule changes

“We feel like the world is back, freedom is back, we were really excited about that,” Agnor said. “A lot of the people working in the airlines and the hotels we were in, the buses, they were just making jokes because everyone was so excited to just get back to normal.” ( More...

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emkostiuk 4
It will be interesting to see what the current administration bases its appeals on. I read Judge Mizelle's ruling was well-grounded no matter how the press tries to spread who appointed her. She strayed from Politics and stuck to the facts of CDC's authority (or lack of it.) What is of concern if this is overturned is other venues CDC might try to implement (I'm thinking gun control.)
Silent Bob 8
The masks were/are hardly even the worst part. It's the dystopian announcements every 5 min: "to stop the spread of the virus the CDC recommends maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from others as well as regular hand washing. Face coverings are also required inside the airport".

Going on a trip shouldn't feel like a visit to "The Walking Dead" set.
Larry Kreuger 1
Hopefully comments on this posting won’t deteriorate into the usual silly little uninformed political sniping.


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