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Verizon and AT&T are delaying the rollout of their wider 5G networks

"AT&T and Verizon have agreed to delay a rollout of new 5G spectrum because of concerns about potential interference with aircraft safety systems." ( Plus d'info...

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Mark Paladino 4
Sounds like its potentially a problem with the (some) (older) radio altimeters that don't have the necessary selectivity in their receivers.
Chris B 4
FCC really screwed up when they did this.

But why didn't the FAA stop them?
linbb 5
FCC needs to get with the program before it ever gets this far just like certing AC and there upkeep. This is getting to be old hat Light Speed tried and end run with there deal which would have cause all GPS units to be un reliable and require either replacement or modified. But when the drone problem became news all MODEL AIRCRAFT which had NEVER caused any problem suffered too. What a great out fit the FAA is truing out to be letting elected officials run the way they do things.
bobinson66 2
Last week while waiting for my connector at a bar at DFW, I got to talking to an electrical engineer who works on cell phones. The subject of 5G and the people who think 5G frequencies are harmful to humans came up (a little off topic for this thread). He said that when a person goes through a full body scanner at the TSA checkpoint, they are exposed to about a 1000 times dose of 5G radio waves. According to him, the scanners all use the 5G wavelength.

If this is correct, I wonder if these scanners at the airport are leaking radio emissions and interfering with flight communications.

Anthony Fiti 4
Sort of correct. The body scanners at the TSA checkpoints use “millimeter wave” spectrum, which is roughly between 30GHz and 300GHz (though sometimes frequencies as low as 12GHz are referred to as millimeter wave).

Cell phone carriers have started to use similar millimeter wave spectrum for 5G (not the exact same chunks of spectrum though). However you’ll find it’s only useful in very short distances (only about 500-1000 ft from the tower).

Regarding this article it is about C-Band spectrum and it’s not millimeter wave. It’s between 3.7GHz to 4GHz.

Source: cell phone nerd, run a website that maps out cell phone spectrum usage.

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