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Airbus A220 Whisperjet (Bombardier CSeries) Too Loud for Zurich Residents? - Hear The Sound..

We can also hear the engine sound reported by the resident on this article. Interesting. ( Plus d'info...

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bettiem 1
A distinct resonance. But being an avgeek, I can sympathise but not empathise. It's music to my ears.
Chris B 1
Its the changing nature of the sound I think they are objecting to. With a little engineering, this is fixable.
vector4traffic 1
I live near an rwy outer marker and they are usually around 3000ft when they intercept. It last but a few seconds but I gather it could be annoying at lower altitudes.
Brian Wilkes 2
And yet they dont complain about howl that come from the A320?
Cansojr 1
For that matter any heavy jets like everything Airbus and Boeing produce. There is always going to be someone to whine. It wouldn't be SWITZERLAND if they didn't.
Remember when the first C Series arrived it was like a national holiday there.
siriusloon 1
Sounds like a very, very reduced version of the F-104 Starfighter's howl.
Jim Mitchell 3
and could the Widow Maker ever howl.

4 Wing RCAF Baden Soellingen 1972-1976

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