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Alaska Air must decide fate of Virgin America's Airbus jets

SEATTLE -- The merger of Alaska Airlines and Virgin America brings an interesting new dynamic that Seattle-based Alaska now must navigate: a fleet of jetliners from two different aerospace giants. Alaska Airlines' mainline fleet consists solely of Boeing 737s. Emblazoned on the nose of each are these words: "Proudly all Boeing." However, merger partner Virgin America flies Airbus A320s, the family of planes from Boeing rival Airbus that are a direct competitor to the 737 line. ( More...

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Bill Schmiett 1
If Alaska would just use a similar interior to Virgin on their 737's, life would be grand.

Oh and transferring my miles on Virgin to Alaska would be pretty sweet too!
matt jensen 2
Better to keep them, esp if they are newer
linbb -1
Its up to them and seems from the comment they will keep both. I think in the long run on brand of AC in there type of flying would be better.

Don't know about today but not that many years ago mechanics said that if it wasn't for engine repair on Boeing they wouldn't need so many mechanics to work on them as there airframes were built much better.


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