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Cessna ‘Readjusting’ Citation Deliveries, Layoffs Loom

Just days after union production-line workers at Cessna Aircraft were forced by default to accept a new contract, the Wichita-based aircraft manufacturer announced this morning that it is again scaling back Citation business jet production and, as a result, will lay off 700 more employees. ( Plus d'info...

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Mike Grant 0
And were supposed to believe the recession is over?
N5827P 0
What a scummy company. While now would be a terrible time to strike and I agree with the workers decision, what scumbags for announcing this as soon as the company got what they wanted. I sincerely hope that once the economy improves no qualified aerospace worker will touch Cessna. They'll just move production to China. Look how well it worked for them with the 162.
mattdavis 0
Scummy? That seems pretty harsh. Layoffs always suck, and the timing of the announcement is never good. I'm not sure how there could have been any upside to the timing.
N5827P 0
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but here's mine: Cessna obviously had this in the works, but the company waited until the vote is taken and there is no strike. About 700 people would obviously have voted for the strike had they known this. Then they force them out of work even though they voted to work for a contract they didn't like so they would have a job in this tough economy. Now they don't have the job anyway, but the company does not have to deal with a strike. The security and exchange commission would have considered this "insider trading" and found it illegal in a different environment. I call that pretty scummy. Go Embraer!
Brian Bishop 0
And just how would voting for the strike have saved these 700 people their jobs?

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