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AAY1405: McNeese charter plane clipped runway lights on takeoff

It would appear that a very serious alternate outcome was narrowly avoided! (It gives me a weird feeling to know I saw this A/C Friday morning at 1100 as it was passing over KLFT, descending toward KLCH for this pickup...and that just 2 short hours later it was nearly a pile of twisted metal!) C4Net ( Plus d'info...

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Wendell Smith 0
This flight departed at approximately 1 pm in the heat of the day. I wonder if density altitude played a role in this occurrence; in addition to a 6500 foot runway.
Ron Burmeister 0
Wonder if they were using average passenger and bag weight? Not many football players weigh 165 pounds.
Charles Fournet 0
With literally thousands of Team Charters behind them, their formulas have to be set in stone. We'll find out if the FDR evidence is made available. CVR data would be nice to have also! You can book it the Chief Pilot...and the NTSB will be"tires" and takin names.
Wendell Smith 0
The football team had no idea there was a problem. They kind of freaked out when they were on approach to Tunica and saw ambulances and fire trucks waiting for them.

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