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Sydney airport at breaking point with air traffic

A report has confirmed by the Federal Government of Australia that to many flights in and out of Sydney ahev being the cause of major delays on departures and arrivals also diverted aircraft. The Sydney airport management say the groth of the airport has a concern for many airlines operating into sydney which could lead to a fatality or a serious accident if plans are not in place for a second Sydney airport ( Plus d'info...

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ross bowen 2
If the facts of this story are as accurate as the spelling then Sydney is indeed in trouble.
amazingb747 1
Yes but there is a second Sydney airport under construction to help ease the traffic corrodors at Bageries Creek NSW
I have being in flying patterns and go arounds many times when flying into YSSY from Dubai or EGLL I don't mind it's worth the trip and the views on a discount Business class ticket
brownbearwolf 1
Oh dear. The Australian public have not been told of this in any direct way nor has Sydney Airports Ltd: released any such details. However, there is a lot of traffic into and out of SY. There used to be a $250 landing fee during peak timed, this no doubt, would be higher now and is for all operations. It's common to read is a NOTAM add 30 - 60 minutes holding fuel for IFR operations., something that's been in effect for several years. As for the seconds airport. That will never happen. Do your research of the areas and who used that part of Sydney during the last war.
Simon Tayler 1
I can see why groth and ahev at the airport would be a concern.

Have they called an exterminator?
Anthony Steer 1
Make Alice Springs an International Hub to take flights from Asia and Europe no landing curfew
Land, Clear Cutoms and on your way to the 4 corners of Australia

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