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What’s next for the aviation industry? Emirates president on sustainability and the Middle East

Emirates airline started the week at Dubai Airshow by announcing that it is boosting its fleet with a €47 billion order for 90 Boeing 777X aeroplanes. Speaking to Euronews, Emirates President Sir Tim Clarke said: “So we've got in total now 245 Boeing aircraft on order and 50 A350s will start being delivered next year. This is all part and parcel of the expansion of our network over the next 10 to 15 years.” Following a cautious few years post-COVID, Clarke says that “demand remains very… ( More...

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bentwing60 0
And this order folks will cement the demise of a380 utilization by the largest operator of the type by orders of magnitude! Sir Tim has spoken and the considerable order advantage that BA seems to have gained over AB will only pan out if Boeing actually succeeds in delivering the 7X at a reasonable rate and time frame. Only time will tell since AB has clearly buried Boeing in the single aisle game.

Maybe AB shouldn't have pissed off Sir Tim and you can bet Emirates won't be spanning the globe on bacon grease or other sustainable fuels any time soon.


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