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An AI agent flew a USAF training aircraft for over 17 hours

An artificial intelligence agent recently flew the Lockheed Martin VISTA X-62A training aircraft for over 17 hours. VISTA (which stands for Variable In-flight Simulation Test Aircraft) can use software to simulate the performance characteristics of other aircraft. On this occasion, it mimicked a human pilot instead. The flight took place during a testing period in December. This is the first time that AI has been engaged in such a way on a tactical aircraft, Lockheed says. The aim is to use the… ( More...

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djames225 3
Don't tell me it's AI nickname was EDI. Just glad they didn't call the craft a F/A-37 Talon
Lewis Tripp 1
jbermo 2
What do they mean by an AI "agent"? The article implies human assistance in using the word as "agent" is defined as "a person who acts on behalf of another". I have never before heard the word agent when relating to A/I.
Lewis Tripp 1
100% agree, jbermo
Jim Myers 1
AI is the agent, and it's acting on behalf of the human.


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