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Qatar Airways 777 near collision with hot air balloon landing in São Paulo, forced to make evasive maneuver

A Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER was forced to make evasive maneuvers while approaching São Paulo yesterday when an unmanned hot air balloon drifted into the aircraft’s approach path... ( More...

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Greg S 21
Sorry, but this story lacks credibility as it stands now. The report comes from a photographer, not a pilot. The photographer saw the plane maneuver and saw the hot air balloon and then made some assumptions that the aircraft was maneuvering to avoid the balloon. Now he *might* be right, but until someone more authoritative says something the alarming Aviation Weekly headline of a "near collision" is unjustified.
Barry Witte 1
@ Greg S. Would you consider the validity of this event as reported by the Aviation Herald? is an very reliable news source.

Look here:
His comment is very accurate, really the photographer from afar and from his perspective can confuse any maneuver, therefore, if it is a hasty news without properly contrasting.

Su comentario es muy acertado, realmente el fotografo desde la lejanía y desde su perspectiva puede confundir cualquier maniobra, por tanto, si es una noticia precipitada sin contrastar debidamente.
DracoVolantis -2
Just a note on the translation, it would be "Your comment is very accurate..." (not "His comment is very accurate...") "Su comentario" is using the polite "Usted" form (3rd person: "he"/"his") instead of the informal "tu" (2nd person: "you"/"your"), so Google Translate gets confused and assumes "His" instead of the correct "Your". It changes the meaning of the whole sentence...
Craig Good 3
"Su" is both "his" and "your". The translation is fine.
DracoVolantis 1
It's confusing, as it could refer to the photographer's comment or to the poster's comment. Spanish is my 1st language so I know the translation is *not* fine, because it's ambiguous.
Brazil Portuguese, not Spanish
Eddie Moran 0
Something fishy about the entire story. That’s a HUGE ballon. TWR knew it was there. Unmanned? Bet not. Good click bait though.
chugheset 10
Flying - hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. Honestly, great awareness for a crew at the tail end of a 14-hour flight!
mariofer 13
"the aircraft was able to land safely without any severe damage" doesn't this imply there was damage, just not severe? Why just not say the aircraft was able to land safely without ANY DAMAGE? Who writes these things?
Mark Kortum 10
People without exceptional intelligence write most things in journalism today.
kc12345 6
You are certainly correct on that Mark K!
tlfys1 4
"Hot Air"???
There is actually a NOTAM about that there, and that's actually what it says... It's been there for years but I've never seen one.
James Simms 4
Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon? - 5th Dimension
chugheset 1
As a child of the 60's, I wanted to let you know that "beautiful balloon" in the song is a euphemism. Can you guess what?
D Chambers 1
"Strange story he mentions is that the radio station KOMA in his native OK thought it was about drugs and wouldn't play it. His dad - an ex-marine and a Baptist minister set the radio stations Program Director straight and they began playing it."
Boyd Ellison 3
Certainly not a hot air balloon. Fairly small to be holding a banner of that size, so my guess is hydrogen filled. A helium balloon would need more volume.
blt56 4
Not exactly Top Gun evasive maneuvering to miss the balloon.
MrTommy 0
No 737 is going to be doing any Top Gun evasive maneuvering. I think it's a feather in these pilots caps that they were even able to do what they did. They actually flew the plane (as another poster pointed out).
George Stone 2
whoever is responsible should be arrested. Shouldn't be too difficult considering the photographic evidence.
nick hawel 2
A more advanced air security system needs to be put in place to monitor any foreign objects in flight paths . This will come into play when a plane is eventually hit one day.
W B johnson 2
Interesting story. Glad no damage or injury occurred. They say it's "a hot air balloon" but I don't see a heat source. Is it more likely helium-filled?
Decision making on approach. The fact is , the Aircraft landed safely and the passengers de boarded on their own power . If there is an incident the NTSB will certainly investigate it.
John Rogers 2
It wouldn't be NTSB. It happend outside of the U.S.
Dale Johnson 2
Must have been a slow airplane news day.
ldeoliveira 1
It is very common in Brazil (where I grew up) for kids and adults to build balloons made of paper and having a torch to heat the air inside it. These are local versions of very well-known Chinese Kongming lanterns. I personally made many and chased many of them that fell after their torches went out. The problem is that some people build huge versions (yes, 5 to 6 meters tall) that can stay in the air for hours. My parents lived at the centerline of Congonhas Airport runway 35R and, in June and July during the Festas Juninas, I saw many aborted landings due to those ballons (big and small) crossing the short final.
Cole Neill 0
WOW- the pilot had to actually fly the plane. what a hero.
Craig Good 0
It may be clickbait, but at least it's a nothingburger.
frank1711 -1
Gary Eldridge -1
I'll bet they enjoyed that. It gave them something to do.

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Greg S 11
So Sully should've seen the geese and avoided them? You're an idiot.
Tom Zaidman 9
Obviously not a pilot mmc7090, a very stupid remark.
chugheset 4
Well said.


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