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FAA says ‘zero tolerance’ policy toward unruly passengers

Federal Aviation Administration chief Steve Dickson said Friday Mar. 25 that the agency’s “zero tolerance” policy toward unruly passengers will continue, even though reports of bad behavior have declined from last year’s record. The FAA established the policy in January 2021 in hopes of stemming a surge of disruptive passengers, threatening fines of up to $35,000 and possible jail time. Flight attendant unions had urged the agency to step in due to the rise in incidents on board. ( Plus d'info...

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Roger Anderson 2
Stolen from
Roy Hunte 2
Stale news
patrick baker 1
bravura b.s. phony statement, unless and until The Faa and Fbi begin at once to refer every case , ever instance that fits the parameters of this boffo "zero tolerance" policy over to the Justice Department, and then the Justice Department prosecutes these cases. Indictments, trials, and upon conviction, real time and real dollar fines. Then the FAA can strut around saying "zero tolerance". morons.......otherwise, take Faa pronouncements as serious as we take their abiity to inspect 737 and 787 and 777 aircraft, and insure safe aircraft properly build.

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