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Belarusian aircraft are banned from entering Canadian airspace

Canada announced on Wednesday Mar. 16 it would be banning Belarusian aircraft from its airspace in response to their backing of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. ( Plus d'info...

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ADXbear 2
Should be banned everywhere! Any country that helps Russia should suffer same sanctions as Russia, including
Kevin Keswick -2
There are no Belarusian aircraft flying in Canadian airspace. Belarusian aircraft have been banned from European airspace for almost a year - long before the war so there are no aircraft flying west of the Belarus border.

This is just a stupid empty gesture to make Canadian "leaders" look tough! No doubt Canada's deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland had a hand in this. She is of Ukrainian descent and has put Ukraine ahead of Canada's interests. Freeland is a literal fascist who recently was seen at rally for Ukraine in Toronto marching behind the black and red pro-Nazi Ukrainian banner (Google: Stepan Bandera). Her grandfather was one of the top Ukrainian neo-Nazi collaborators. When this fact came to light Freeland called it "Russian disinformation". Fascism is in Freeland's genes. Freeland was the one who froze the bank accounts of truckers who were simply protesting vaccine mandates. In making the announcement she couldn't contain her glee at being able to make Canadian families who protest the Trudeau government impoverished overnight by blocking all access to their money. This is the state of affairs in Canada.
Kevin Keswick -1
CORRECTION (why can't we edit posts on here?)

"Her grandfather was one of the top Ukrainian neo-Nazi collaborators"

should read:

"Her grandfather was one of the top Ukrainian NAZI collaborators"

He was not "neo" He was actually a NAZI collaborator during WW2!

Copy and paste this link: to see the four degrees of separation between Freeland and.........
Greg S 8
Moronic Olgino troll, Russia is the nation with the largest number of neo-Nazis in the world. More importantly, if one ignores the symbols and actually examines the ideological underpinnings of these right wing movements, one sees that the ideological elements of neo-Nazi movements are exactly those of Putinism!

If Putin wants to do some de-Nazifying he doesn't need to leave Russia. He doesn't even need to leave his house.

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