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Twin vs. Single debate settled

A discussion on the merits of flying a twin piston vs. a single piston. ( Plus d'info...

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indy2001 0
I had the best laugh in over a week over that clip. Thanks for sharing it!
KW10001 0
Love it!!! :) (single wins!!!)
andy streit 0
That is hysterical! Oh man, I haven't laughed that hard in a while "oh yeah, and how is Obama doing for you these days?"
Robert Call 0
These are on the site as well. Absolutly hilarious.
Awesome post Mad Dog. I was getting ready to get into the usual fight over the differences and ended up with a ROFL. OUTSTANDING!!
amado leon 0
That is cool,good show.
Jon Cole 0
funny til the stupid non sequitur "punch line"
Jim Abbitt 0
Really got a big laugh out of these videos. Be sure to watch all three aviation related ones!
Brent Allen 0
Very well done.
randy means 0
I really needed this. Pilots reminds of my disfunctional family.

Habib Ahmad 0
lol, idiots.... funny

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