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Boeing Shows Optimism in New Commercial Airplane Outlook

Boeing today delivered a relatively optimistic outlook, forecasting airlines globally will purchase 43,610 new aircraft valued at $7.2 trillion over the next 20 years and that the industry will need more than 2.1 million new personnel to meet projected air travel demand. This includes 612,000 pilots, 626,000 maintenance technicians, and 886,000 cabin crew members. The U.S. airframer’s 2021 Commercial Market Outlook (CMO) reflects an increase of about 500 airplanes or 1 percent over last year’s… ( Plus d'info...

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Bob Wright 2
Yes I agree with the great outlook but Boeing needs to put back into the company they once were the working people they have had who did the jobs in a manner they were proud of instead of moving to reduce wages by hiring non union people that new nothing about building aircraft by going to North Carolina and they some of the work had to be re-worked in Washington. Check with Emerits as to how they feel about the workmanship of Boeings new aircraft. I have always loved Boeing but hope they get back on track with workmanship instead of profit.
Ed Kostiuk 1
Great outlook providing we don't get any more of these silly disease threats.
Brian James 1
that's if their planes stay in the sky

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