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American Airlines will now rebook passengers who miss flights by a few minutes at no additional cost

Earlier this week, American Airlines made a change to its policy that will allow agents to rebook customers who arrive at the airport just a little too late onto the next available flight at no additional cost. ( Plus d'info...

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patrick baker 3
I doubt that American Airlines has evolved into a kinder, gentler version, now only interested in doing the right thing. Connections have in my observation become tighter, more problematic. I do not know where the figures on missed connections is kept, or if it is even gathered, but both my wife and I seperatly have either just made the connection ( within 5 minutes of doors being shut) or have been locked out. We can choose to fly carriers that are less dictatorial, and now it seems American Airlines has become that.
Daniel Baker 1
There has never been any cost for missing a connection on the same ticket.
am i old fashoined,or maybe its because i knew AA when they did not charge a standby fee,and if you missed your flight,and others were available to book, the agent would do so as a courtesy to the customer and had ways to "override" if there was a restriction..if it meant sending them to another airline,we could call or do what used to be called a "rule 240", which i am not sure still any case,the name of the game is first and foremost money by keeping the passenger a happu traveller who will fly aa again,or recommend it to friends,family and business associaties..being "late to the gate" or the ticket counter can be caused by many things from accidents,lots of traffic,hold ups at security checkpoint by tsa,not being able to find parking at the terminal and much more..not everyone can leave 4 hours early to catch a flight!!!
ADXbear 1
Bout time these guys lightened some!

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