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Would you risk getting COVID-19 for unlimited flights?

Despite conclusive evidence that COVID-19 can spread rapidly on flights, airlines are attempting to woo passengers back onto planes with unlimited flight promotions. ( Plus d'info...

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JetChaser 3
I applaud the airlines for this, will it make me travel, no, however some will take advantage and that is their decision. We must forge forward and this is one way to do it.
Perhaps you think the content of this story stinks and corporate hand outs is the way to go or simply push more airlines and related industries to the point of bankruptcy.
Rico van Dijk 7
Yes, I’d rather get Covid a hundred times over than living one more day in this depressing world of Dictatorial rulers and fearful minions. A world where fear of dying by some, makes living a crime for all.
Kris Durbin 2
What conclusive evidence? I would really like to see it. One example (linked in the article) does not make this claim "CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE." I know the media sure would like to think they are the authority on health care, but we all know they are not. Because if rampant outbreaks on planes were as big of a problem as you describe them, the airlines would have been shut down -- and would still be shut down. And you would be seeing headline news about the outbreaks. What a sensationalist piece of garbage. I have been traveling non-stop, domestic and international, for over three months now. I was traveling full-time all the way through March, too. Have not been seeing anyone get sick. And guess what -- there are these people (they call them FLIGHT CREW) who fly EVERY DAY. And guess what? They aren't dropping like flies.
Social ism.
K R 1
Of course, yes. No Henny Penny of Chicken Little in this engineer.
Robert Cowling -5
Would I risk the potential for a very limited life just to fly when ever I want?

If you can't take more than 10 steps without stopping to catch your breath, that makes a damn horrible experience traveling. OMG! To not be able to climb the stairs at the Great Wall? To not be able to walk the distance of Westminster Cathedral? To not be able to walk the pink beaches of Bermuda, and the black beaches of Hawaii? To have to wear oxygen because the pressurization of the plane isn't good enough to keep you from becoming cyanotic and passing out? To experience the changes to the blood when that happens?

All so you can have unlimited flights?



And there is no way to tell if you will be a 'long timer', who continues to experience horrific side effects from having the virus that 'effects no one'.

Wear a mask. Stay home, if you can. Avoid groups of people. If you don't feel well, fever, loss of taste. smell, fever, STAY HOME! This virus has killed far too many people so far, and, the worst news:

The virus is mutating in America. It's mutating like all viruses to, but if it goes the wrong direction, it really could end up being the 'new plague', that kills millions of people in months.

Allowing it to spread is encouraging it to mutate.

Someone slammed me with Ebola a few weeks ago. Here's the truth: Ebola and especially Marburg, do not die because of anything that modern medicine does. It dies out because it mutates to a non communicative state. It literally mutates into a brick. It's not contagious. It's not a problem. It does out. If it went the other way, or eventually DOES go the other way, Marburg, and Ebola, could the the THE virus that ends humans on this planet.

Now do some of you get it? Maybe? Please?
Alan Macdonald 6
Kind of amusing to me how the one person here who realizes and undertands the truth behind this woeful virus gets voted down and the rest who seem to consider number 1 the only one to worry about get up voted.
I have a young wife who had the virus for 8 weeks until she eventually tested negative but in that period almost died over 2 times a week. That was 2 weeks since the negative test but after 3 days she was back in hospital as being an asthmatic her lungs are still suffering badly and she is on almost constant oxygen still. Believe us it is no joke and not to be treated with such disdain as the other doubters still seem to consider this almost a joke.
Whilst not always agreeing with you Robert, thank you for trying to get the message across on this occasion.
Rico van Dijk 4
First I wish you all the strength and health in the world. Please don’t take me wrong, any measure that has an actual effect to battle this virus has my blessing. However stopping the entire world does not. I know many people, yet no one got sick, most of them are now unemployed and on benefits, effectively their lives are destroyed. Not by the virus, but by the way the world responded to it.
I know many people as well and know of people that were sick and sick now. I also have family members that had it and a few that have it now. On the other side, I also run three small business and each of them have taken a MASSIVE hit in revenue, like so many have. This was set to be one of the best years yet in each of them. Funerals for some of these people either didn’t happen yet... or their were graveside burials that could have only 10 people attend. It is a tough time all around.
I couldn’t edit. I meant “there were graveside burials that...”
It doesn't matter. Must keep going forward not backwards. Yes, I don't want to die.
While what happened to your wife is tragic, would canceling all flights forever ensure that no one will be infected with COVID? And no, waiting it out won't help - the virus won't just vanish into thin air with time.
Robert Cowling 0
So an idiot speaks: 'would cancelling all flights forever'.

It's only the covidiots that are saying that ALL flights will have to be cancelled FOREVER. You sound like a three year-old! Pouting that mommy and daddy want you to go to bed, and you are throwing a tantrum 'BUT I DON'T WANT TO STAY IN MY ROOM FOREVER!!!'

Grow up! Over 203,000 AMERICANS are dead (and the actual numbers are likely very low because this administration, from the beginning, didn't press states to keep accurate records!). Trump's America has 4% of the world's population, and an epic 20% (or more now) of the deaths! If that statistic doesn't mean anything to you, then the country is totally lost. I prefer to think that trump is a sociopath who is incapable of having any feeling for people other than himself and his family (and maybe not even them) and that it has been negligent homicide for his allowing so many innocent Americans to die! (And now he claims he can stay in office by 'getting rid of the ballots'!!!)

On an aviation site, the president allowing the equivalent of 471 747's crashing to the ground gets people down voted and ridiculed. This country used to be better than this. WE used to be better than this. America supported morality and ethics across the world, and in ONE TERM, it's all gone.

And more people are dying!!!
Thanks for calling me names. And again, please explain how preventing people from flying would help stop the COVID.
It’s not actually complicated. If the reinfection factor is reduced below 1, an infectious virus dies out. The lower, the faster. No reinfections, no virus. If each infected person passes it on to 2, then the growth is exponential. It is so simple that it is tempting to use labels for people like yourself who can’t seem to grasp it.
Actually, the growth is always exponential - however, if reinfection factor is lower than 1, amount of infected will decrease over time, otherwise it will increase. However, you didn't answer my question. How preventing people from flying will prevent COVID? Is flying the only way of COVID transmission?
I didn’t understand it to be a serious question. What is at issue in this discussion is promoting flying, isn’t it? So is there a case to be made for promoting people making an unhealthy choice? To what end?
From the previous exchange, it seemed to me that Robert Cowling assumed that flying is directly responsible for every COVID-related death, which is hilarious (at least, in my opinion). And regarding unhealthy choices - there are few people who would argue that heavy drinking is unhealthy, but few people were calling for closing all the bars in the country. And I think closing bars would decrease COVID transmission a lot more than preventing people from flying. But I believe that this is not the place for such a dispute...
Robert Cowling -7
200,005 dead (as of yesterday), but the numbers are likely much higher. 4% of the population, and over 20% of the deaths. It's the third leading cause of death in this country! Heart disease is number one, and cancer is number two. At the end of last year, this disease wasn't even on most people's lists of ways to die.

At 200,005, the coffins side by side: 89 miles. End to end: 265 miles. Stacked: 73 miles.

At 256,006, if numbers are 20% under-reported, side by side: 113 miles. End to end: 340 miles. Stacked: 93 miles.

The Kármán line is when 'space begins'. It's set at 100 km, (about 62 miles (62.14 miles)). So the latest to die are in space at the top of the stack!

That is 481 fully loaded 3-class 747's. (Boeing only made 1,558 747's)

That is 67 9/11/2001's!

That's 50,000 Benghazi's!


Sure, risking my future is worth unlimited flights! Yeah, NO!!!
aknorris 2
Actually, based on the constantly shifting parameters and reporting fiascos, the numbers are very likely much, much lower.
And if you do not fly at all, you plan to live forever?
Greg S -1
Full of shit as always, full to the very brim.
Scared of facts, are we?
Scared of life, are we?
Not in any way that would cause me to deny reality.
godutch -1
Ignorant, agenda driven, TDS victim, and ass_ole in the 1st degree...
patrick baker -1
behold the desperation of the airline companies and the indifference to customers who buy into this farango. The gentleman who purchased American's plan and just got cancelled out of it, might offer a suggestion against this pie-in-the-sky hoop dream .He flew millions of miles, gave away miles to needy folks,and was given a revised contract when American Airlines got tired of his actions. Trust the companies to keep their written agreements, and prepare to be disappointed. And the inflight service ain't that appealing either...

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