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Boeing Dreamliner: A Manufacturing Nightmare

Four separate issues were revealed affecting the Dreamliner program over the course of days. ( Plus d'info...

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Tom Bruce 5
if the MAX incidents hadn't happened this would probably been less newsworthy... Boeing under a microscope now so anything that goes wrong will be amplified... not denigrating the report...just the attention it's getting... that being said, Boeing does need to get it's stuff together.. MAX, tanker woes, and this
Robert Cowling 6
Boeing is a hot mess. Yikes. It;s sad to see how far they have fallen. Sad...
stratofan 2
I suppose it must be a slow day since MH370 cannot resist more "Boeing bashing". Granted there are problems to be overcome with both the 737MAX and 787 but, nothin that is not insurmountable. I have yet to see the tail fall off of a Boeing jetliner like has off of an A300. Even the "Diesel-10" is still serving well as a cargo bird as well as one of the best USAF tankers.
Bill Osborne 0
I will never fly boeing again if I can avoid it. It appears that Lego could build safer aircraft.

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