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Drone came dangerously close to Blue Angels during Detroit flyover

A drone flew dangerously close to the Blue Angels during their flyover of Detroit to salute essential workers. Camera drone footage shows a small drone coming close to the six F/A-18 Hornets during their loop over southeast Michigan on Tuesday. The video was posted to Youtube and showed several angles of the Blue Angels, including one where the aircraft appeared extremely close to the camera, according to a report from The Aviationist. ( More...

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sparkie624 7
Wish they would repost the video showing how close... UGH... Need to take these Drone Idiots and hold them accountable... Been in RC for many years, but there are rules that you have to follow... now the Drone morons are ruining it for everyone.
djames225 6
I fly both, sparkie, and the idiots in both fields make my blood boil. It isn't just some multirotor wannabe's that have ruined it for us. Seen a few RC craft flying about, not in proper airspace, and these were not small craft. Mind you those operators did get a kick in the arse, so hopefully this idiot is found and gets more than that.
rebomar 5
Here is a copy of the video
Peter McGrath 1
Nice job saving this for "posterity"!!!
Find that drone pilot and nail him to the WALL. Then tell the world...
john doe 1
Direct to YouTube link:
ed lang 1
wow yeah thats pretty darn close!
WhiteKnight77 1
Let's hope the I D 10 T is found and given a decent time behind bars.
Privately owned drones will soon be outlawed.
Bob Poberezny 0
Like marijuana...
linbb -4
Well lets see if it was close to them the wash from them would have destroyed it. Oh and where did the video go?

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sparkie624 4
I assume you meant this as a Joke.... The Blue Angels had a well published flight plan... the DRONE was at fault... I mean really... where did that comment come from... the bottom of a bottle?
Silent Bob -7
Uh yeah, a joke. Something intended to provide a little levity in a world filled with over-anxiousness. Apparently that notion is lost on a lot of people including you, or maybe my joke just sucked. Either way I did find your need to explain who was at fault amusing, so thank you for that. Now where did I put that bottle?
john doe 2
You're outgunned, Bob - throw down your wisecracks and come out with your hands high...
mmcmanamey -3
I can’t see the video, but is there a chance the Navy boys were flying too low? Our local unit did a flyover a few years back and got busted for trying too hard to please the crowd. When video from the second tallest building downtown shows the TOP of your airplane...
djames225 2
It is referring the final video shot...that idiot flying the drone was way too close, even if slight zoom. Drone operators are to give way to any manned aircraft, and that means give "a long way"

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djames225 18
WTHELL does Trump have to do with the Navy volunteering to try and provide a bit of moral support and a salute to the frontline workers?? The Snowbirds are doing the same up here and it made us smile, until we lost 1 on Sunday.
But do you know what Jen would say.."get back up there and do what you do best"! So please, KEEP your comments, like you posted, OUT of aviation. Plenty of political forums to go voice your displeasure!
sparkie624 8
Oh yea.. you need LOTS of meds... or you had too many already!

Your comment is not appropriate or appreciated.... I am glad I have the pleasure to give you down vote number 10!
Bob Poberezny 2
If you knew 750 more things you would be a goddamned idiot.
30west 2
Does MH370 have a new persona?
godutch 2
Robert, you are a certified A.H.O.L.E full of TDS...
Jim Quinn 2
Your bitterness would be better vomited elsewhere.
dnorthern 2
You need to take your medicine and get help.


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