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Grounded Airliners Around The World

Pictures of some of the largest airports in the world with fleets of their main air carriers sitting grounded in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. (thepointsguy.com) Plus d'info...

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Andy Cruickshank 1
With all these aircraft grounded and pilots furloughed I assume there will be a problem of getting them recertified or back to "current" status. Not sure. Do they have to log flights (or sim time) every 30 days?
Sean Sims 1
They're parking aircraft at PIT. Once a US Airways hub we have a ton of space available to be used as parking pads.

Robert Cowling 1
I remember on 9/11/2001. Our local airport was filled. We had a pretty wide variety of 'big' planes on the tarmac, the aprons, taxiways, and at the gates. Busy... I'm sure there are a lot of ancillary airports they could use for 'parking' if they wanted. DTW for instance. MSP. LGA? DEN? Hmm... (Thinking Delta here)
Mark Sherfey 1
Delta has already parked many at VCV in Socal and MWH in Washington. Many more scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
Andy Cruickshank 1
Some at Blythville Arkansas too including some of their new A350s
sharon bias 1
Got plenty of space in Sacramento. McClellan Park and Mather Field have very long runways from their Air Force days, and Sacramento International now has an extra runway. Nice warm weather, little rain (unfortunately) and no sand. Come put some money in our city and county coffers.
bruce wilkie -8
trump for Guantanamo 2020. The emperor has no clothes.

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