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United Places $7 Billion Order for Longest-Range Airbus A321 Jet

United Airlines Holdings Inc. placed an order for 50 Airbus A321neo XLR-variant. United is the third U.S. carrier to order the A321XLR after American and JetBlue, and they intend to replace their aging Boeing 757s and use them on certain existing trans-Atlantic routes, and explore using it to serve additional European destinations from hubs in Washington D.C. and Newark. (www.bloomberg.com) Plus d'info...

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Cris Pugh 5
Saw this one coming eventually. The 57 is a great airplane, but at some point they need to be replaced.
John D 1
I always thought it had a great ride and didn't seem to need much runway to get airborne
Alan Macdonald 1
Just a shame it wasn't by new 757's
Mike Collyer 1
Is this the Boeing that relocated HQ's to Chicago to be closer to UAL?
Alan Macdonald 3
Is it just me and memory playing tricks on me or did Boeings problems begin with this move ?
Scott Campbell 1
Long wait, but it was guaranteed without a 57 replacement, the thought of 100 max 10's at United is horrifying. the 9's take long enough to board already, but with the max problems they can demand discounts for years.

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racerxx 2
Personal opinions don’t make planes any better
David Ehlert 1
Especially with all of the fumes related incidents with Airbus jets. Reading all of the Fume incidents on AVHearld makes me want to avoid A32x-xxx planes but alas, I can't.
Don Quixote -2
Boeing > Airbus
mbrews -2
- OH great. Article says that United will use the A321s on European routes from IAD to Europe and EWR to Europe. Now MORE chances to spend 6 + hours in a single-aisle jet to Europe. I've tried those routes on a single aisle 757 and found it horrible. Sayonara United ; I'll just book on ANYONES twin-aisle jet for my future trans-Atlantic trips.
dee9bee 3
I've always wondered why some folks are so opinionated about wanting to fly TATL on the widebody vs the narrow body. The widebody seats are the same size, same seat pitch and at mealtime, BOTH aisles are blocked by beverage carts anyway. My only gripe would be having to make the occasional enroute fuel stop in the winter.

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