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A350-1000 maximum seating rises to 480

Airbus's A350-1000 has been cleared for an increase in maximum accommodation to 480 seats, through the installation of modified exits. (www.flightglobal.com) Plus d'info...

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sharon bias 12
The USDA regulates how animals may be transported by truck, ship, or plane. And the rules are very specific about temperature control, water availability, total weight of animals transported and area available for movement. How about we let the USDA take over from the FAA on plane passenger safety and comfort, especially since we're being treated as cattle anyhow?
Kyle Beller 3
OMG... let it go already! do animals have a choice in how they are transported?

Look, I gave Frontier Airlines out of their Denver hub probably 10 tries, in which 7 of them ended in a complete catastrophe. Guess what?!? I do not fly them anymore under any circumstance. My choice. There are other options! I chose the other options for my own sanity and comfort.

Similarly I won't fly Norwegian because it ended up being a shit 30 year old Wamos Air Airbus... There are SOOOO many choices out there!

What carriers will opt for this 480 configuration? If the "cattle configuration" bothers everyone so much you're likely not the people that fly these carriers or at least the seat class that warrants "cattle configuration" status.

Any airports that will receive the -1000 with likely have plenty of airlines, aircraft, and seating tiers to select from.

Its driving down costs folks. Either don't book that flight, that airline, that seat, that route, that day, drive, increase your income, etc etc.
Kobe Hunte 0
These planes are so huge though that it might not even be "cattle configuration". Hopefully they are nice enough with giving some leg room so you can actually sit down for a few minutes without having someone kindly place a knee in your back.
dnorthern 1
Apparently you don’t realize the FAA requires manufacturers to demonstrate, via live testing, the ability to evacuate a plane within 90 seconds at the rated pax load?

We (Americans) demanded air travel at Greyhound pricing. We got what we wished for. Now we complain.
John Miller 4
But, that is only with passengers of average size. No overweight people. No disabled people. No passengers trying to take their carry-on's, etc. with them.
Wolfgang Prigge 4
Another blow to minimum comfort for passengers.
John Miller 1
And, especially to safety. Getting passengers out of the aircraft in an emergency will be more difficult.
dnorthern 1
And no whiners either.
Kobe Hunte 2
Wow. That is a lot of seats.
patrick baker 1
that many passengers, now reclassified as paying persons under detention, is a number that evokes incredulity. Save your nickels and dimes and pay for several more inches of butt-room. I await the first airline to put old style seating back, with knee and leg room, and to price it accordingly. Bet they will fly at 90% all day. Nostalgia Airways forever......
matt jensen 1
400 will not be able to evac the a/c in 90 sec
Kobe Hunte 2
@matt jensen - You might be surprised...
Kyle Beller 2
Im going to go out on a limb and suggest they have taken this into consideration. Just a guess though....
Tom Yablonski 0
I think the extreme cheapening of airfare is leading to a new, and much greater, golden age of travel for everyone. I just got from Denver to China and back for $378. Went there, ate really good food for three days, and came home. Crossed the Arctic, Siberia, and Mongolia on the way. It sure was cramped and uncomfortable as hell, but 2+13 hours and a subway ride later I was in Tiananmen Square. Fares like that seem to be the norm now. Given current prices, awesome trips can be done monthly or weekly instead of yearly. So I say pack us in and squeeze every dollar possible out of the fares. Higher density means more travel accessible to more people.

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