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US Aviation Catering Strikes Lead To Disorder And Arrests

Hundreds of catering workers at airports across the United States have been arrested during industrial action aimed at bringing higher wages and enhanced benefits. UNITE HERE! stands by its pledge to turn the screw on airlines and government.Workers were charged with civil disobedience offences during the latest strike on Tuesday (26/11/19). The NY Post reports on the arrest of hundreds of airline caterers. The strike was called for by the UNITE HERE! union which represents thousands of men and… (simpleflying.com) Plus d'info...

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ian mcdonell 2
Aviation caterers need to be arrested for the crap quality food they are responsible for
I once saw a very cool special on the food - what was served, how it was seasoned...and how altitude changes things. The food looked amazing....then, noticed it was all on KLM, nothing at all like a US Carrier.....
Robert Cowling 3
This country needs more strikes. People need to say they are tired of taking the crap, and won't stand for it any longer. *shrug*
Or, like myself (and my father) simply move production to "Right to Work" states, fire the unions and fire any staff who try to create issues for the company.

To quote the good Judge...The world needs ditch diggers. Success is a choice. Those who can only scrape their way to the service industries are simply living out their life's accomplishments.
James Simms 2
Or get a second or third job to help make ends meet. Or apply & receive scholarships to get a college degree or even an Associates Degree. Associates Degree is better than a High School or no degree @ all. Want to know why foreign workers (even illegal ones) work harder than Americans? Because they know what it takes to succeed. By pissing bitching, & moaning abt their current hardships are hurting no one but themselves.

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