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NASA’s giant ‘Super Guppy’ plane delivers the agency’s spacecraft to Ohio

Transporting a large space capsule around Earth can be a daunting process, but NASA has its own various equipment for such jobs — one of which is a very big plane with a very big belly. Known as the “Super Guppy,” NASA’s cavernous plane is capable of carrying large loads from point A to point B, and the aircraft just transported the space agency’s next-generation passenger spacecraft to Ohio for a round of testing. (www.theverge.com) Plus d'info...

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sharon bias 2
Love how the plane looks. It's just so striking.
James Simms 1
Stopped over @ Ft. Campbell Army Airfield, KY for refueling
Rebecca Shaffer 1
N941NA is the only Super Guppy operating. Their function has been replaced by the Beluga.
linbb 1
Think that is for Airbus use only and if they had been replaced then why was this one used?
linbb 2
Read a piece about them but found an item wrong as the turbine was not built in 65 by Conroy it was a few years later right about 70 and used Electra engines from a retired one. Also Jack had on the drawing boards plans to use retired B52 wings on an even larger version. And a side note about Jack he had a Corsair sitting on the ramp he got for some unpaid work.

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