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Chinese airline executives punished amid photo outrage

Air Guilin's chairman, general manager, and safety director were among executives who received salary cuts and warning letters amid the controversy, according to an internal document of the airline obtained by the state-run Beijing Youth Daily. (www.cnn.com) Plus d'info...

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cowboybob 1
lucky they didn't get the gulag....yet.
patrick baker 1
this is an example of the overreactions that occur in a setting of political tyranny. Pilot at most, in my thought, should have been demoted, grounded for a few months, and then let resume his flying.
what the heck are the executives supposed to have done to cause this embarassment, and what might they have done, written, said or otherwise told employees about unsafe embarassing lapses of judgment? Effectively though, this reminds all in China about fear from above. Who wants to live under that?
"Who wants to live under that?" - seems anyone in the US who is leaning to the right (as according to the left)
Jim Myers 1
"suspension of the pilot from flying duties for life" - That pilot is pretty much guaranteed to become a pauper in China, as no one will want to hire him for anything.

I hope she was worth it...
Wow...then again, them's the rules in that country...either play by them, or suffer the consequences.

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