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Ooops! First Dutch F-35A Accidentally Gets Foam Party Instead of Water Salute

In an embarrassing gaff by the Dutch military, the first operational F-35A Lightning II for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNlAF) got coated in firefighting foam instead of water when the aircraft arrived at Leeuwarden Air Base on Thursday. The incident wound up on Redditt.com, where a string of amusing and off-color remarks immediately followed. (theaviationist.com) Plus d'info...

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Pamela Kinnane 12
...You had one job...
Antonello Davi 1
Peter Maas 9
Foam??? Water??? It should have been BEER. Heineken
Jim Nasby 1
Heineken counts as beer? 😜
Frank Barrett 6
You folks made your own gaffe. A gaff is a fishing tool; a gaffe is a mistake.
Dean Skora 1
Even funnier is, if you do a Google search for "gaff", what images come up.
john doe 1
That's what I thought, too. Never seen it spelled w/o the "e".
Spencer Hoefer 6
The person that did this must of been the same guy that painted both end zones with the same team for the Superbowl a couple years ago lol.
Mike Mohle 2
Or, the "Chefs".
SmokedChops 1
great googly-moogly..
Mike Williams 5
Looks like someone had forgotten "windshield" wipers. At the price of that superplane.
Falconus 5
Isn't that foam supposed to be pretty corrosive? I.e. really bad for aircraft that aren't on fire?
Don Wilson 4
Highly corrosive, needed a fresh water wash down immediately after exposure.
Toby Sharp 6
hell I wouldn't even spray water on an F-35!
Tomer Ariav 2
Michael Cagley 3
I guess the fire department thought is was a very hot plane.
Christian Parada 3
I think the same thing happened with a Virgin Airlines plane on its maiden flight.
alex hidveghy 0
Virgin airlines? Which one? There’s no such thing as virgin airlines!
There is a Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia. And there was a Virgin America and Virgin Express.
So, again, which one??🤔🙄
Michael Enderle 2
Geez, I know you're excited about it but simmer down...
Tony Silverstrå 1
Foam is good in the irish coffe
Scott Lee 1
Maybe the firefighters know that the F-35 is a flaming pile of doo-doo, and they were making a statement?

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