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Germany’s climate policies will increase air travel tax by as much as 74%

Passengers traveling into and out of Germany will soon see a slight bump in their ticket prices thanks to an upcoming increase in German government-imposed taxes. (www.gatechecked.com) Plus d'info...

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sparkie624 8
More Liberals at work.... I however believe in Climate Change, but that being said... If we did not have climate Change, we would still be in the Ice Age... I also believe that all these Liberal Tatics is only for political Gain and will do nothing more than to increase the strength of Liberal Governments already too strong.
John D 4
It's all about a money grab.
cailan garvin 3
We are still in an ice age. The fact that we have ice on the poles and glaciers are indicative of this. There have been 5 ice ages since scientific history began to measure, and we have been edging towards the end of the current interglacial (warm) cycle of the quarternary glaciation for the last 11,000 years or so.
bizprop 3
They are simply using this as an excuse to raise taxes and sadly most people will fall for it!
Mike Mohle 1
If they would have mentioned "The Children", they could have gotten even more!
Rob Harrison 1
How sad that the usually intelligent Germans are taken in by the climate change hoax. Of course there is climate change. Thankfully! But mankind has little if anything to do with it.
Mike Mohle 5
Don't tell little Greta the truth, she might cry! (for money of course)!
Mark Weiser 1
Just another liberal democrat style money grab, as if a single penny will ever impact the phony climate changes. My view of Germans is they a usually too tipsy to think straight!

Watch the rest of the sheep fall in line, more money to waste on political pork.

Stupid, just stupid
Don Quixote 1
OH LOOK! Government trying to take more of your money without you knowing! Oh but yes, taxes are good, in all instances.

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