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Hamburg Airport Closed Following WW2 Bomb Discovery

Hamburg Airport is closed following the nearby discovery of a World War 2 bomb. As a result, no flights are landing or departing. This has led to those aircraft already in the air holding or diverting to other airports such as Hannover. Those looking to get away from Hamburg Airport tonight are unfortunately out of luck. Following the discovery of an unexploded bomb near the airport, all flights have been suspended out of an abundance of caution. This has meant that aircraft currently in the… (simpleflying.com) Plus d'info...

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Bill Babis 3
I hate leftovers!
James Simms 2
Ironically, my Senior Adult Lifelong Learning class has been covering the bombing campaign in WW2 Europe

Things that go “bump” in the night.
Robert Cowling 2
sharon bias 0
Because Central Europe has been a battleground since before Christ, it's not surprising they are always finding leftover military stuff. It's just that finding a knife from the 214 BC Macedonian War is way more cool that a WW2 bomb. Course the bomb can kill you and the knife, not as likely. Short article on the Firestorm of Hamburg that killed 34,000 people. http://www.dailynewsen.com/world/commemorative-event-hamburg-reminds-of-the-firestorm-h10055.html
Bill Babis 1
Of course AOC's prediction aside, 2000 years from now they will still dig up WWII bombs and they will probably be much more valuable.
ian mcdonell 0
Over-reaction is the modern way - too scared of bad press reaction if they do not
Kobe Hunte -1
After all of these years it hasn't exploded, so why abruptly cancel all flights?

Good for safety, bad for airlines.
Wolfgang Prigge 6
An attempt to remove the detonator will be made, this is quite dangerous with these old bombs. Once discovered they will not be left in place, they are too unstable to take any chance. With the number of bombs still found every year the Germans have acquired quite an expertise, sometimes at the price of loss of life. You can trust them to do the right thing with this.
SmokedChops 6
The Bundesluftwaffen has the team that go all over Western Europe to remove/de-fuse these pickles that are all over, if memory serves. When these kids signed up to serve, I bet they had no idea this was on their job description "safely dispose of 75 year old ordnance, cleverly hidden EVERYWHERE" The post-war rebuild made finding these a challenge at the time, and has not improved. They are still finding Stokes' mortar rounds (chemical warfare) from WWI. Hat tip to the crews removing this stuff, which will probably be a long-term task!
Bill Babis 1
Or short term if they're not careful!
Kobe Hunte 2
Thanks for explaining. Ignore my stupid comment then.
Torsten Hoff 3
Many of these bombs used acid fuses, which become more and more unstable as time passes, and they sometimes spontaneously detonate. Once these bombs are found, they cannot be safely left in place and ignored.

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