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Consumer advocate Ralph Nader says Boeing 737 Max should never fly again

The 737 Max, Boeing’s bestselling plane, has been halted from flying worldwide since mid-March after the two crashes occurred within five months of one another, killing 346 people. ( Plus d'info...

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Richard Orgill 1
Is this idiot still around. The sky is falling, the sky is falling should have been Nader's trademark.
Rico van Dijk 1
“The plane cannot be refixed,” said Nader, whose grandniece was killed in a March crash of a 737 Max jet in Ethiopia.

- I feel for this guy, but this is emotions talking and not engineering. Everything can be fixed, they van design an entire new wing, gear and engine mount for this aircraft and it will be good as any airbus with these engines. Although it will have a price tag.
siriusloon 1
Designing a new wing, gear, and engine is what helped them get into the MAX mess in the first place. Then they needed software to make the thing flyable.
chalet -1
You can refix a car, a microwave oven and so on but a plane is a plane and the Max 8 had an inbred and inherent aerodynamic defect that re-fixing is only asking for more trouble.
Dean Brossman 1
Of course he says that, he would not get headlines by saying it will be flying again before the end of the year.
patrick baker -3
ralph nader does not stand reflexively for truth and factuality, at least in my experience. This egotistical s.o.b. interjected himself into a presidential election and we got second best as a result. There are engineering organizations , who if said the same thing, would garner further interest in ending the Max as we know it. Let us allow Boeing to redo, re design and begin again this Boeing Bucking Bronco, as airlines all over the globe once lined up to buy and fly thousands of them, and Boeing needs the revenue, but the public requires finally a safe, reliable, predictable-to-fly Boeing 737 whatever-the -hell number they finally call. Boeing will require absoslution.
siriusloon 2
So only people who meet with your personal approval should be allowed to run for president? The percentage of candidates who can qualify as an "egotistical s.o.b." is probably pretty close to 100. It's a personality trait that's virtually mandatory to (a) want to run for the job and (b) go through such a long, grueling campaign. The public doesn't require a "safe, reliable, predictable-to-fly" 737. It needs a "safe, reliable, predictable-to-fly" AIRLINER. The type only matters to Boeing and the airlines that fly them.
James Driskell 2
The real problem is Ol' "Un-safe at any speed" Ralph Nader was wrong on that front, has been wrong on many others and is wrong here. He should go back to sleeping on the couch and driving a Nash rather than commenting on something he knows nothing about. An as for his run for President, he's in the same boat as almost every other third party candidate in that they split the vote depriving us of a clear choice. Shades of 2016!

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