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The world's largest plane just flew for the first time

(CNN) After years of development in the desert north of Los Angeles, a gigantic, six-engined megajet with the wingspan of an American football field flew Saturday morning for the first time. Stratolaunch Systems, the company founded in 2011 by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, conducted the first test flight of the world's largest plane. ( Plus d'info...

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Shenghao Han 4
Structures engineer: How long do you want the wing span?
Aerodynamics engineer: Yes
rugomol 3
Colin Seftel 1
Video footage here:
chalet 1
With due respect but this is a very ugly plane, looks like a couple of siamese pterodactylus joined at the tip of the wings. And lets not forget that "If it looks right, it will fly right".
Jeffrey Bue 1
I think the delays getting this beast in the air and the advances made by launch providers (e.g. SpaceX and Electron) have doomed this system for launching satellites. I believe history will view this as the "spruce goose" of the 21st century. I could be wrong and I hope that I am. It just ain't looking good for these guys.
patrick baker 0
The Luftwaffe had their Gigante, Paul Allen, r.i.p., has his Golaith. Here's wishing many revenue flights launching many, many satelltes over the lifetime of this colossus. I like the look...

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