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Lufthansa Group orders 40 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and Airbus A350-900 aircraft, will sell 6 A380s

Lufthansa Group is consistently forging ahead with the modernization of its long-haul fleet. In today’s meeting, based on the recommendation of the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board approved the purchase of a total of 40 state-of-the-art aircraft for the group’s airlines. The 20 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners (above) and 20 additional Airbus A350-900 planes will primarily be replacing four-engine aircraft. The new planes will be delivered between late 2022 and 2027. ( Plus d'info...

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chalet 3
Either for political or economical reasons, LH has maintained too many types of aircraft on its fleet. They keep on saying that instead of say 12 types, they will have 5 less types by next year. It never happens, but they have a very strong bargaining position anyways.
strickerje 0
I’ve always wondered about the level of overlap in the fleets of the major European airlines (in particular Air France as well).
And the 748.... keeps on rolling!
Allen Berk 1
What is the typical "industry discount" when placing a large order for aircraft? Thanks for the input?
chalet 1
Airbus and Boeing never disclose selling prices but trade aviation magazines have mentioned 30-40 and up to 50% depending on the number of aircraft being acquired and also how hungry they are for new business.
Michael Raede 1
Having a diverse fleet allows for Lufthansa more bargaining power when acquiring new aircraft. They are not limited to a single manufacturer by policy, and therefore are able to pick the best airliner for a mission type portfolio. Additionally for LH having this kind of fleet is rather an asset than a liability, since an important profit center of the group is Lufthansa Technik who is an important global player as an MRO. Strong supplier contacts to both large aircraft manufacturers can give them an interesting edge in the kind of services they can provide to their customers.
Kevin Mack 1
Probably a dumb question, but who would be a likely buyer of a 380?
Massimo Manghi 1
why dumb? It's a very interesting question, especially after Airbus decision to discontinue the A380 production by 2021
The 380 looks like to have the same fate as the MD11 of the 1990s with many of them to be sold to FEDEX,UPS and other freight companies. I think that it was always to become a white elephant from the start.
Rich Boddy 3
The A380 cannot be used as a freighter as there is no way to covert the fuselage to freight use. Using it as a freighter in it's current configuration would be cost prohibitive.
So if this "White Elephant" can not be used for a freighter then maybe see them with the fuselage cut in half and used as a type of restaurant gimmick ?
Randy Rankin -4
The inclusion of the A350 could be politics.
Lufthansa already has 12 A350 in service, around 15 others on order and around 30 options. They are reportedly happy with the performance of this aircraft. Maybe inclusion of the 787 is politics.
Randy Rankin 2
As chalet pointed out, Lufthansa has too many aircraft types in its fleet. Having too many aircraft types is not cost effective. Years ago, a BA pilot told me that in the 1990s Prime Minister Tony Blair wanted BA to buy Airbus planes. Thus my statement about the inclusion of the A350 could be related to politics.
Lufthansa ceased to be a state owned enterprise in 1994. Even with their too many aircraft types they generally make a profit every year.

Andre Berthet 2
The inclusion of the B787 could also be a politic decision. Think about Trump wanting to increase tax on imported German automobiles into the US. German buying American made aircraft could be seem as good gesture to appease Trump. BTW, I not trying to denigrate the B787, which is a very good aircraft

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