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New EU Rules Address 'Mental Fitness' of Pilots, Cabin Crew

European Union airlines will have to perform a psychological assessment of their pilots before the start of employment and implement a policy to prevent and detect misuse of psychoactive substances by flight and cabin crew members, according to a set of new rules concerning mental fitness of air crew. ( Plus d'info...

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Felix Adex 1
Yeah it nice idei
Rex Bentley 2
Article says that Germany already has these rules and regs. But it didn't stop Lubitz from crashing his plane. It's seems more of the usual bureaucrats covering their butts.
Ray Zimmermann 1
I think maybe the German airlines established these procedures AFTER the 2015 incident - article doesn't really make that clear.
bentwing60 1
Why yes! I do often day dream about crashing a 767 into a mountain with a full load of passengers! How did you know? Do I get the job? That is so crazy you knew must be psychic!
william baker 1
And this is why we all can’t have nice things. People like you.
bentwing60 0
If one were in search of a "Lack" of "Mental Fitness", look no further than Brussels.

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