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Super rich want supersonic bomber as business jet

The Tu-160, which is solely used by the Russian Air Force receives inquires to use the supersonic bomber as Business Jet. ( Plus d'info...

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jwmson 5
The thing looks like a "B-1ski."
dee9bee 0
Dang, you beat me to it...
joel wiley 0
How about the B-Own?
Malcolm Dousha 1
It may not be quite as big as the Russian aircraft but would be much more reliable...
toolguy105 0
Bill Butler -2
Yep. Don't know if the Russians ever had an original idea.
Dave Fisher 2
well, considering it took German know-how to bring the US into the jet age, people in glass houses...
joel wiley 3
Not to mention all that Yankee ingenuity of Dr. Werner von Braun in the space race.
Bill Butler 1
OK, OK! I'm going to my room now...
El Kabong 2
NASA is also working on the SonicBAT program to develop a softer sonic boom for a possible SST.
744pnf 2
But who is going to re-pack the drag chutes?
joel wiley 5
Leona Helmsly's 'little people'
I'll wait for the hypersonic cruise missile transport.
Jeff Phipps 1
Really poorly written article about nothing. It will never happen.
How pissed would the pilot be when I slow him to mach .83 for sequence behind a B767.
joel wiley 0
Not nearly as much as the A/C owner in the back.
very true !!!
n9341c 0
"Super rich want supersonic bomber as business jet".
Ummm, people, this is an example of what a certain guy calls FAKENEWS. Thanks for making it real Airlinerwatch you dumbasses.
Fake news? The article gave a couple of possible buyers but weren't specific and Antonov said why they couldn't do it. Nothing fake there.
Malcolm Dousha 1
Antonov isn't Russian anyway. They're Ukrainian...
Jamar Jackson 0
Wow that plane could cross the US in 2 hours. You could actually have breakfast in LA and lunch in New York. The rich are becoming richer so I’m sure they are bored with airline conversions to corporate. Now it’s military conversions.
Torsten Hoff 10
It would never be allowed to fly across the US or Europe for that matter. It doesn't have the certification for carrying passengers, and the sonic boom it leaves in its wake is the reason that the Concorde only reached its top speed over oceans.
Jamar Jackson 3
True however I’m sure some team is working on a sonic boom solution now. Only a matter of time before a supersonic biz jet with no boom is marketed and sold
Torsten Hoff 5
Oh, they are -- look at Boom Technology. I'm just saying that converting the Tu-160 into a business jet will never go anywhere.
Tom Novak 2
Yes company will start test flights next years. Let's wait and see.
Malcolm Dousha 1
It would take a very costly conversion to "rebuild" such an aircraft for passenger transport from a military bomber aircraft. They would also need several orders to make it worth the expense to eventually make a profit... Makes you wonder if it would ever "take off" so to speak...???
James T 2
Aerion AS2
Jim Nasby 1
Or breakfast in NY and then again in LA.

Anyway, I think odds are better of BFR suborbital pax service happening.
toolguy105 0
I'll be darned it the TU-160 doesn't bear a striking resemblance to the B-1.
Paul Smith 1
It was a clean sheet design, like the Tu-144 and the Tu-2.

Sarcasm mode off.

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