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Airlines and Airports Brace for Hurricane Irma

With core winds as high as 185 mph, Hurricane Irma hit northern Caribbean islands with devastating force on Wednesday, even destroying the four strongest buildings on Saint Martin. Damage at Princess Juliana International Airport is also reportedly heavy. ( Plus d'info...

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James Simms 2
Homestead AFRB, Hunter Army Airfield, Charleston, Moody, MacDill, & Seymour Johnson AFB's, Key West NAS, Mayport Naval Station, plus any flying Air National Guard units in the projected path. Plus Kings Bay Naval Base, Ft. Gordon & Ft. Stewart; w/Ft. Benning on the West periphery of the projected path.

Going to be some great aircraft spotting opportunities around the Western SouthEast
bentwing60 2
Not hard to figure out why. This one's a no brainer. Run! And for you old time left seaters, think about how much time you spent provin that weather forecast wrong.
this is a storm of unheard of magnitude..having just been through Harvey,my heart and my thoughts go out for all of the people in irmas path..i have seen the pictures on the news of those waiting in neverending lines at ft lauderdale airport and Miami international,most of whom are visiting or on vacation..its a very scary event for everyone,and the agents at the ticket counters and the gates will do everything possible to help as long as they are able and the airports are open..been there and done that...

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