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Airlines told to pay flight compensation

American, Etihad, Emirates, Singapore and Turkish Airlines will have to obey European laws or be taken to court. ( More...

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ken young 6
wow 4 posts. Three side with the air carriers. Unreal. Back in the day, air carriers in the US commonly compensated travelers for delays not of the passengers doing. Now, if a carrier cancels a flight, nio matter what the circumstances, the carrier claims "weather" and tells their customers "screw you" And they have the GALL to charge the PAX a friggin fee to change their flight. US air carriers don't give a rat's behind about their customers. I use dot love to fly. Now I refuse. If a flight is required, I simply won't go. Flame away.....As if I don't have a right to an opinion.
yeah good luck with that
A A 1
Airlines always tend to come up with the wierdest of excuses not to compensate for your delays. This shouldnt be happening.
mbolek 1
That's right. Passengers should obey rules, so carriers should also obey rules. Pssenger has a choice to fly or not, carriers have the same choice considering all valid rules. So what's the matter?
jagerardi -1
"Airlines' first responsibility should be looking after their passengers, not finding ways in which they can prevent passengers upholding their rights"

So, making a connecting flight is now a "right?"

The EU is a joke.


honza nl 6
That states rule in favour of consumers instead of corporations is a shock for US people....but I would say consumer protection in the US is a joke.
Rights are what the law says; not what you or airlines think. And if you buy a ticket that is sold as a single trip under the responsibility of a single airline; rules and rights are clearly defined. So if your airline doesn't agree simply don't fly to the EU.
btweston 1
Yes. If you pay for a service, the provider is obligated to provide the service.

Where's the joke?
indy2001 -1
If the final line -- "If any of the airlines refuse to obey the regulator and are taken to court they could, in law, be fined an unlimited amount." -- no court in the US would rule that law legal. Only in the EU can a single judge set an arbitrary amount. For folks in the US, it's an illustration of why Britons voted to leave the EU last year.
btweston 1
Do you think those airlines want to do business in Europe?


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