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TSA allows JFK passengers to walk through security checkpoint without being screened

Eleven unidentified passengers walked through a security lane without being screened at Kennedy Airport early Monday because the TSA left the area open and unattended, law enforcement sources said. A security camera captured a metal detector going off three times as the travelers walked through the screening lane, the sources said. There was no one present to operate the magnetometer, the x-ray machine and do the pat downs and secondary screening, the sources said. ( Plus d'info...

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jcsjcs 6
"The unscreened passengers ... didn’t even have to take off their shoes to get through security"

I had to laugh out loud when I read this. Almost nowhere in the world do you have to take off your shows to get through security... To me the opposite is amazing: all passengers have to take off their shoes to get through security.
James Carlson 2
Google "Richard Reid." We're very good at fighting the last battle.
Chip Hermes 10
This is the best part:

The TSA said it was “confident” the incident represented “no threat to the aviation transportation system.”

“TSA works with a network of security layers both seen and unseen,” the statement said.
RECOR10 24
And there was no ill effect...I'll be...TSA is the biggest waste of tax dollars in the United States history.
scott8733 -9
I'd humbly add our welfare system, federal dept's of education and energy to the list of biggest waste of tax dollars in US history as well.
James Carlson 5
You know the Department of Energy is responsible for maintaining the US nuclear weapons program, right? If not, then you're qualified to run the department!
yatesd 7
Makes you feel all warm inside knowing those layers of security are hard at work. All I see is some TSA CYA.
joel wiley 8
I liked:
“Once our review is complete, TSA will discipline and retrain the employees as appropriate.”

What employees? There was nobody there to discipline.
djames225 12
They will discipline the magnetometer and x-ray machines for not doing their job.
joel wiley 2
Other options may be useful:
What was it...299 out of 300 "contraband" items got past TSA last time they were tested? I know a commercial pilot (now retired) who said she heard rumors that TSA was seizing drugs and alcohol and keeping, taking or selling them...(cant confirm nor deny this, I have no reason to doubt her).
joel wiley 2
Was that part of TSA's 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' program?
I thought TSA was supposed to be for air security, searchinng for guns, explosives, weapons, etc. Since when to they have a "warrant" to confiscate drugs, money, etc. Are the deputized as LEOs too?
Best I can tell Stefan, they are what ever they want to be on what ever power trip they want to be on, on any given day. I would imagine that if one of the low self esteem pathetic losers @ TSA was beaten up by his wife the night before - it is going to be a long day for travelers.
I remember when TSA was first hiring people at a begening low salary and were getting a lot of very incompetent personnel,promoting the older age group as supervisors.What a joke.As I travel over 60,000 miles a year (for the last 17 years) I still see a very incompetent TSA as compared to other security at airports in Asia."Hire the handicap,They are fun to watch".Seems to be the reasoning here in America.
Curt Jans 4
Does anyone recall an incident or example of when TSA prevented an attack or serious threat from getting onboard an aircraft? Not including incidents in the terminal that never made it through into the secure area. Just curious if they have stopped an attack? I certainly don't recall any.
rmchambers 9
TSA stands for Thousands Standing Around. I'm not impressed with them one bit. I've met a handful of TSA staff that seemed on the ball and interested in getting people on their way with a minimum of delay. I had one last week make a stupid joke that wasn't even worth a reaction let alone a laugh.

The TSA was an incredibly bad idea, a knee jerk reaction to a problem that could have been remedied without creating a huge leviathan expensive organization that couldn't catch a cold.

Hopefully some common sense will prevail and McDonalds will get their cooks back.
My favorite TSA story was me, at the United Terminal in Ohare...walking down a hall at about 1am going to "big bag" area to pick up a case...TSA idiot wanted me to stop and be frisked. I told him no and laughed at him. He got this look on his face...I said "listen fucker, I am at my destination, you cant ruin my night"...he walked away.
rmchambers 1
Good for you... it's blind obedience that empowers these fools to think they can do anything they want to.
djames225 1
I always though TSA stood for "Thick Skulled Ass..les" and that proved my point again!
rmchambers 0
That works too
Mike Petro 2
They were still looking for the passengers? Why? Were they supposed to wait around for TSA and then miss their flights?
Well duh. We are supposed to be compliant and wait for "The Man". Have you not ever seen "The Wall"?
Frank Vila 6
TSA.. what a disgrace and disgusting way to secure our airports.. Trump promised to fix such big joke of homeland security. But when ?
James Carlson 4
I think it'd be a mistake to hold your breath waiting on that one.
If TSA standas for Transportation Security Administration, they just gave us another demonstration of tax payer dollars being wasted, again and again. Most incompetent bunch of people I have ever seen. Amazing.
Roy Hunte 2
They let them through but would rough up disabled people.....
scott8733 3
HA! Reminds me of this. Endless laughs.!+terrorist+scene&&view=detail&mid=3B1AA308CB732E45AFC63B1AA308CB732E45AFC6&FORM=VRDGAR
when I was working at the airport after the tsa was implemented,if a security lane had no one in attendance, and there was only say,one open with personnel,there was a sign posted and a small barricade put up saying this lane closed,so you had to go to the one with a person or persons..i might add also that there is the "bag belt" right next to security checkpoints that does not continually run, but is operated by a person and runs only as a container or laptop or purse or whatever is put on there to go through the x ray machine...although I have seen tsa personnel not be as conscientious as they should be,this situation requires more than training and repremands, as the airline/airport needs to have assurances from tsa they actually had enough personnel on duty to cover all of the x ray/magnetometer machines ...
A A 1
The metal detectors goes off three times. Dont worry its all right. Probably a defect
carste10 1
terry gersdorf 1
this why we need to replace the tsa with a private company just accountability im concerned for my crew and pax safety thank god some of us are carrying
honza nl 2
9/11 showed how well privatised companies function when it comes to airport security...
Hap Arnold 6
You apparently know not of what you speak. The 911 hijackers brought nothing illegal at the time on board and the flight crews reacted to the hijackings as directed by the FAA. As the FAA had been warned previously, the flight crews actions were in correct, but they followed the FAA's directives. The TSA is nothing more than eyewash and does nothing positive to contribute to air safety.
Russ Nelson -2
America lets any damned fool say any damned thing. Just remember that.
James Carlson 0
Agreed; it's a Bush II era fiasco that's gone on far too long.
Alan Dahl -2
I’m absolutely surprised by the universal lack of respect for the TSA here. Sure in many ways it’s kabuki theater but they are our only line of defense against some crazy person getting on an airliner. Sure I’d like it if they were better trained and paid better but they are what they are and IMHO we should do what we can to make sure they succeed at their job.

In this incident did they goof up? Oh yeah, big time, but IMHO it’s up to the rest of the traveling public to be observant and notify them if something goes awry.
djames225 1
Ummm...who is the public suppose to notify if noone is around to notify?..the magnetometer and x-ray scanners?....wayy too many times the TSA have dropped the ball and this time wasn't a big goof up...letting folks through then realizing they weren't checked and getting them and bringing them back is a big goof up....having noone around at all is a catastrophe waiting to happen
Alan Dahl -1
There are plenty of airport and airline staff to notify and if it’s like my airport police officers too. One could also take it upon oneself to stop people and explain to them that skipping security is going to result in the terminal being emptied and their flight being delayed.
Or, do the right thing, fire every TSA agent and let the airlines provide security.
recr10..there was a time prior to tsa when private companies hired by the airlines did handle screening..there also was a time when passengers were screened at the gate area (pulled out of line) selectively by a security person and/or an airline representative with a "hand wand"..this was before the basic "body scan" x ray machines that have caused so much controversy..the program has changed ,but i dont see airports or airlines going back to the old system anytime..there also was a time when airline employees were waved through a security line at the entrance to the gates,merely by waving their id...there is no easy solution..
Russ Nelson 2
Nobody WANTS to deal with the TSA. They've never caught a hijacker or a bomber, so please explain to me again their function?
RECOR10 1 FELLS good, come on man, feel good with me. They are there to protect us, and our feelings. Group hug!
joel wiley 2
TSA's already on the job for group hugs. Although some nattering nabobs of negativism keep mischaracterizing it as 'groping'.
djames225 1
It's up to the TSA to ensure the safety of all involved from airline staff to even the police officers past that order to stop the people who already got through without proper security check, you would have to go the same route and now are in violation...the TSA is there to protect us, not we are there to protect them...oh and people were notified when the metal detectors started going off but by then it was too late.
Russ Nelson 1
Nonsense, Alan. The first line of defense is the cockpit door. The second line of defense is "KILL ALL THE HIJACKERS."

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