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BRITISH Airways Flight from London to New York grounded after engineers download the wrong map

A BRITISH Airways business class plane was left stranded in Ireland after engineers downloaded the wrong map. Bungling British Airways engineers assumed the New York-bound BA1 flight was headed for Europe as it was a small A318 Airbus... ( More...

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joel wiley 1
This seems to be the flight:

I don't think they refrained from loading the electronic maps to save weight. Maybe there is a storage limitation? Does BA have a policy limiting maps so that a pilot doesn't inadvertently fly to the wrong continent? So many questions.
bentwing60 1
Is that a "snark", it's certainly beyond an FA sarc.
joel wiley 1
Only somewhat. Two aircraft that only go from Point A-C then back C-B-A on a daily basis. Avionics appear to be A32x. Do they load the data in abnito every flight? And who are these 'engineers'?
bentwing60 2
I think the "maps" they were talkin about were the FMS database updates that the avioniucs techs upload as the old ones expire. Used to be a 56 day cycle with a mid period update. The pilots only load the current flight plan. I suspect the techs uploaded the wrong geo base data so the crew didn't have the correct data for their intended area of ops.
David French 1
That makes sense, but given that BA only have two A318s and they only fly LCY-SNN-JFK-LCY that's a pretty shameful error whoever made it.
joel wiley 1
Thanks. That makes a lot of sense.
BA must have a limited number of A318 with ETOPS and it seems strange that the required charts for the transatlantic flight would not have been loaded and checked by the flight crew prior to departing to SNN. Interesting to look at the photo and see the registration is G-EUUS.
Highflyer1950 2
I was thinking the same thing. Why would the crew not load both flight plans at departure? We used to do that all the time, that way we knew we had the map coverage from the getgo.
Roy Hunte 1
They only have 2 A318s and they are both uniquely able to do the transatlantic run and do the steep approach into LCY.
Looks like it g-EUUS and G-EUNA. Business class only. Westbound stop in SNN for fuel and to pre clear US Immigration. Not sure of the passenger count
Correction G-EUNA is the registration. BA also operates G-EUUS
They also use G-EUNB. Check Flightradar24.
chris shaw 1
Joel, the 'engineer' loading the map is the one with the oily rag who also changes the spark plugs.
They should have just logged on to Google Maps......
chris shaw 2
Google maps wouldn't show them where the low bridges are
malpractice 1
This story is complete bollocks.

It held of the coast of Ireland (for an unknown reason) and stopped for a fuel stop in St Johns before continuing to NYC.

Fact check the Sun it's not a quality news outlet.
Pity you didn't check Flightradar24 then:

London (LCY) Shannon (SNN) A318 (G-EUNA) 12:15 GMT 12:24 13:35 GMT
Landed 13:28

Shannon (SNN) New York (JFK) A318 (G-EUNA) 14:55 GMT - 17:30 EST

Shannon (SNN) New York (JFK) A318 (G-EUNA) - 10:08 -
Landed 11:41

So while the Scum may NOT be a quality news outlet, in this case, they're spot on.
malpractice 1
I remembered seeing the incident on the 12th I didn't expect them to have had another incident two days prior. What a shambles! If the date was in the article I would have not made that mistake.
The newspaper article was dated 13th Feb and said that the incident happened "on Friday". 13th Feb was a Monday, ergo Sunday was 12th, Saturday was 11th and Friday was 10th. It's not rocket science....
joel wiley 0
I think you are pointing to a different flight. Post is about 2/10 flight which took till 2/11 to complete. You have posted the flight for 2/12. That it is the same flight is and 'alternative fact'. Your post appears to be on a par with your estimation of the Sun.
Dean Butler 1
I stopped flying BA years ago. Glad I did.
Marco Vieira 1
Well that was a bit silly of BA wasn't it...


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