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Norwegian Air says something troubling

One of Boeing's most important customers just said something very troubling ( Plus d'info...

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canuck44 4
Boeing had better light a fire under development of this aircraft and quit "tudying" the issue. The 737 appears to be maxed out. The 757 designs undoubtedly still exist and with new materials etc might be faster to reconfigure wings, engines etc. The result may not be perfect but will be a substantial improvement over the classic and the A321. It will give time to create a completely new product.
BaronG58 3
May want to put some WD40 on your "S" key. 8:)
canuck44 3
LOL....may need it on my fingers. Being old is a bitch, but at least the omission didn't become an obscenity.
Roy Hunte 2
Surely they could find the blueprints and rehash them on 3D CAD software and attempt to make a new design based on the old one.......I can just imagine a 757 with 787 windows and 737 winglets would be beautiful. And they don't need any more than one variant either.
Roy Hunte 2
And some new GE engines too......
matt jensen 3
cyberjet 1
This problem started many years ago when Boeing allowed one customer to drive their future narrow-body development plans by insisting on new variants of the 737 rather than a new airframe. They're going to pay the price for that decision for a long, long time.
Jeff Phipps 1
Airbus out-maneuvered Boeing. The Max was a short term fix when they really needed some clean sheet designs. The 320 family is killing it. It's like a chess game and right now Airbus is playing a better match. Boeing needs a new MoM plane announcement right now, followed by a new replacement for the 737!

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