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Korean Air evacuates plane at Japan's Haneda airport after engine smoke

Korean Air Lines evacuated 319 passengers and crew from an aircraft preparing to take off from Japan's Haneda Airport in Tokyo after smoke came from its left engine. The incident prompted authorities to temporarily close down Japan's busiest aviation hub. Images broadcast by NHK showed the Boeing 777 on a runway being sprayed with foam by fire trucks, with four of its emergency slides deployed. The aircraft, which was due to fly to Seoul in South Korea, is powered by two Pratt &… ( Plus d'info...

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Arun Nair 8
Maybe some Korean air exec threw their pre-departure nuts into the engine because it wasn't served properly.
Ric Wernicke 2
There has to be a better way to warm your nuts.
Ken McIntyre 1
Well played.

Hilton Conroy 2
Hey people ... when an engine is on fire the passengers are in real danger.
Full marks to Korean Airlines. The only sensible thing to do is evacuate all pax ASAP.
- especially if I am one of them !!! I would do the same in a light aircraft.
I have seen one case (B737) that was totally destroyed on the runway after an engine fire that progressed very very rapidly.
gulfofosaka 1
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Haneda Airport Tokyo japan

Smoke from Korean Air Lines in Haneda Airport = Tokyo Japan
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Korean Air Boeing 777-300 #KE2708 evacuated at Haneda Airport in Tokyo

Korean Air Boeing 777-300 #KE2708 evacuated at Haneda Airport in Tokyo after engine fire
Ermita Deen 1
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Tokyo Haneda Airport

Ota-ku, Tokyo Haneda Airport Terminal 2 runway in 27 days, have come up with the smoke from the Korean Air Lines.

In addition, according to the Metropolitan Police Department, from Korean Air Lines, which have come up with smoke at Haneda Airport, a large number of passengers have been evacuated.
Shenghao Han 0
I thought you are not supposed to evacuate on a runway unless you are unable to taxi or passenger are facing imediate danger(such as smoke in cabin). I thought they should taxi the plane on to a taxiway and then pull the fire handle, shut it shut down, wait for the ground crew to put out the fire and tow the plane back to gates. Of course, those Korean pilots can just say "F it we gonna take a shit on one of Japan's most busy runways and let them clean it up later."

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