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(video) Navy SEALS' Insane Parachute Jump into Football Stadium!

Members of the U.S. Navy Parachute Team, the Leap Frogs, jump into Neyland Stadium to kick off the Orange vs. White UT Vols Spring Scrimmage football game as part of Knoxville Navy Week, April 16, 2016. ( Plus d'info...

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The use of the words 'insane' or 'crazy' is inappropriate for these men - they know exactly what they're doing! Spectacular or beautiful, yes!
Alonzo Wiggins 2
Honestly....don't take "insane" so literally,in the vernacular of today it translates to outstanding. End of discussion.
sparkie624 1
Great Video.. WOW.. thanks for sharing.
patrick baker 1
not insane, but within the abilities of the equipment- square chutes, and the jumpers- each seal has several hundred jumps, and the permissible wind conditions. Calculated, safe, and fun to observe. The joy and shouting while under canopy is nice to see and hear, and you may notice the target( football field) never wavered as the descent was dialed in. A 400 foot landing zone is small but doable. Insane to try this with a round chute( I own a jumbo paracommander, and would not attempt this with that)
Exhibition jumps into stadiums using round parachutes were quite routine during the 1950s and 60s by expert skydivers using high-performance round parachutes, such as the Paracommander, and even much lower performance modified military parachutes, such as the 28' C-9 with seven gore TU modification. Twenty some years ago, I had a malfunction on my square main parachute during deployment while making an exhibition jump into the Richmond Academy football stadium near downtown Augusta, Georgia. I released my streamered main and deployed my reserve, a notoriously hard to steer Para Innovators Featherlight round parachute. Because the malfunction procedures had taken some time, I was a little low over a crowded residential neighborhood with extensive power lines and my safest landing option was the football stadium. So I took a deep breath and set up an approach into the wind and landed midway between the sidelines on the 45 yard line. Then I gathered up my gear and went to look for some clean underwear! I didn't say it was easy …
patrick baker 1
let's not be too hasty crowning these great jumpers" the best of the best" skydiving team.There are many sport jumpers with far more jumps that are better at relative work, and group-fall competentcy. Point given to the seal teams for physical and mental conditioning, motivation and daring-do. These guys do train so as to be able to do exactly what we saw them do. That kind of jumping is a job description, whereas the sport jumpers are quite happy to get close to the big X on the dropzone- much less pressure.
Sam Moffatt 1
Agreed - there are sport jumpers who can do this. But all things considered, jumping is just one of the things SEALS have to consistently execute better than "good" in order to be effective. To put it in martial arts parlance: They don't have to be "Black-belts" in everything; but they have to be black-belts in some things, while being at least Brown-belts in everything else.

...Kind of like a tight-end (in American football) or a mid-fielder (in European football), these guys have to reach an "expertise" in specific areas, with a "higher-than-average" capability in everything else.

So let's give them credit for that. Like all professional athletes/warriors, they're not paid to practice... they're paid for what they do on Game Day.
Alonzo Wiggins 1
Alan Brown 1
Great video, but I agree, this is the best of the parachute teams doing what they love to do. They did a great job at it and seemed to really enjoy it.
John Hoff 1
Great video. I got to see them jump onto Central High School football field (also Knoxville, TN). It would be nice to see them catch the flag before it touches or just as it touches the ground. A bit more risk but should be within their abilities.
Michael Smith 1
So cool! Loved it when they locked legs on the way down!
Stefan Sobol 1
Any Seals that can't parachute onto a target as big as a football field are dismissed from the service. Landing in an area that big is pretty routine for them.
billcc 1
Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane never looked so cool, thanks for sharing that!
royalbfh 1
so why is this insane? the best of the best doing what they are trained to do..insane? i almost wished they would have used "epic"
30west 2
He was using "insane" as a colloquialism, not in the true meaning of the word.
Daniel Baker 1
I just copied the YouTube link, so don't kill the messenger. I thought it was pretty cool though.
Ed Merriam 1
one particularly egregious phrase I saw was "maximum WTF"

it's like when they made corn nuts "xtreme"
Brian Tilbury 0
Taxpayers paying for crowd entertainment

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