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Breathtaking flight display of Swiss Airbus with F5 fighter jets

On friday, January 15th, three pilots of Swiss International Airlines performed a flight display together with the Patrouille Suisse with their F5 Tiger jets. The flight was performed infront of ten thousands of spectators along downhill race track of the ski world cup in Wengen, Switzerland. A crew of Swiss National Television SRF was allowed on the A321 of Swiss to produce a report on this amazing performance. It features breathtaking views of the red and white fighter jets next to the… ( More...

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matt jensen 2
Two of my fav jets. That lil F5 can out manouver any F15/16
Alan Brown 1
The F-5 was designed to equal the Mig-21 as a daylight only fighter/interceptor aircraft.
matt jensen 1
It was also built on the cheap compared to the other mil jets
TechFlyer 1
Awesome manuevering! Kudos to the whole fighter jet crew as well as jet pilots.


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