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Pilot shortage the reason for recent Cape Air flight cancellations

Cape Air officials said Tuesday that a pilot shortage is the cause of a spate of recent flight cancellations at Billings Logan International Airport. ( Plus d'info...

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No MOCHA HaGoTDI for Big Sky Country today.
spatr 0
Been a long time since I've heard that on freq!
Kenneth Schmidt -1
Whatever that means.
ATCguy1 4
MOCHA HaGoTDI: Making Our Customers Happy And Having A Good Time Doing It
Pileits 2
LO pay is the first problem. Very low pay. When you have nearly $100k in flight training debt to pay off $18,000 / year salary doesn't work out very well.
Loral Thomas 4
Well if they paid their pilots a LIVING wage, they wouldn't have this problem.
justin chavez 3
They should get rid of the Essential Air service program altogether... Then Cape won't have to be embarrassed about canceling any more flights because of terrible pilot a pilot shortage.
So all those folks in small towns loose their air service? Isolating rural America is a bad policy.
justin chavez 2
I live in a small town and I drive three hours to get to my hub airport. Its life. If you want to live in the country get used to the smell of horse manure. FYI. I flew a Caravan for an EAS operator for several months. Many of my flights were empty or only had one or two passengers. It was a waste of taxpayer dollars. Rural America is connected to the rest of the world via the road system.
layman85 1
Living in a rural community is a choice with benefits and drawbacks, just like anything. If you choose to live in one, accept both, and don't ask the rest of the country to pay for your plane tickets.
Bernie20910 1
No, they lose nothing. They just have to drive a little further to get to an airport.
Mike Mohle 3
Supply and demand, it is all about pay and other more viable options for pilots.
namotlagh 3
Hey Cape Air, I don't feel sorry for you one bit. There is no such thing as a "pilot shortage". Instead, qualified pilots are not willing to work for such low, insulting wages. I have a simple fix to your problem: PAY YOUR PILOTS MORE!!
If you want more pay, come in with over 5000 hours of relevant experience, and don't apply at an entry level carrier job!!! Does the prep cook make as much as the executive chef???
Martin Haisman 2
Pilot shortage or pilot pay shortage???
Curt Carlson 2
1500 hour requirement is ridiculous. Had nothing to do with the crash in upstate N.Y..
Not FAA but congress did this travesty. Change the requirements.
These ops are Part 135, so the part 121 req. you are referencing does not apply. See - for 135 regs.
eichelro 3
To fly 135 IFR however, 1200 is needed which is pretty close to 1500.
Steve Whelan 1
And to fly scheduled 135 as PIC requires an ATP certificate.
Jim Sinsky -3
Airlines could follow the lead of tech companies and get foreign workers through the H-1B visa program. That way they could keep pilot pay artificially low and subvert the law of supply and demand.
bentwing60 1
And crash a few airplanes!
Jim Sinsky 0
I was trying to be sarcastic.

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